The momentary drizzle stopped as the sun peeked through the clouds again. The calming sound of the flowing water filled the air. We were standing in front of a pond with a small waterfall. It was the dreamiest little spot in the middle of Bannockburn Lakes. Honestly, I never would have guessed that were surrounded by corporate buildings. It was perfect. It was serene. But that's not why we're reliving this session right now. The chuckles and moments of adoration are the important things to remember here. And Cubby, man's furry companion and even better pet, was the star of the show. All four family members took a moment to individually pose with their beloved pup. Lots of hugs and pets. Even some kisses too. They each squeezed him tight and showed him so much love and affection. He even gave his big sis a quick show of affection as he tilted his head up and licked her face. Everyone laughed as they told Cubby what a good boy he was. He was happy as can be. And so were the Werblows. It was such a simple part of their joyful session, but it was so important too.

I find this moment so special because the Werblow family's dynamic is a delightful blend of reserved and outgoing personalities. Mom and Son tend to be more quiet and reserved while Dad and Daughter are the energetic, outgoing duo. This harmonious balance creates a family bond filled with so much laughter and many fun moments. And I think it was so sweet that even though their personalities are different, they all share so much in common. Including their love for their pup. They all seamlessly complement one another and bring out the best in each other. They are able to laugh over shared jokes one moment and gather close together for a precious shot of genuine happiness in the next. It's the best of both worlds that's for sure! What's even more special is the fact that it had been nearly a decade since their last family session. But despite that time gap, the Werblow family's connection and love for each other was as vibrant as ever. Which leads me to believe that they understand how fleeting time is. That these are memories that need to be made and moments that need to be captured. The Werblows saw the significance of having these photos, so not only did they emphasize the joy between the four of them, they made it a point to include Cubby too. Knowing all of that makes me love this session even more!

Werblow Family, thank you for letting me be the one to end your streak of not having updated family photos. I loved getting to spend an afternoon with you all. You have a beautiful family and an even more beautiful bond. Your session showed me that you're a team that embraces your differences to simply have fun while cherishing your shared experiences. Like your excitement to recreate your own version of Abbey Road and your dedication to walking towards the camera while playfully bumping into one another . And I think that bond and joy you share is truly all you need. Thank you again and I hope your newest family tradition is taking family photos more often!