They held hands and smiled at each other. Giggling along the way. Walking in the peaceful serenity of being with one another. They made their way to the corner of the rooftop. Bringing them as close to the city views as possible. It was cloudy and chilly. Far from the beautiful Spring day that we were hoping for. The sun should have been setting through the buildings and gracing us with a glowy sunset. But none of that mattered. Ana and Michael (aka Brownstone) were the light the city needed that evening. They kept each other warm and smiled the entire time. They radiated happiness and created sunshine of their own. And then we heard it. Brownstone mentioned that the weather was nothing to be worried about. With a smile on his face and an encouraging tone, he said, “it’s two hours for forever.” He immediately followed that with a sly, teasing grin and chuckled, “and here’s to hoping that neither of us have to hire you again!” Ana immediately lost it and began to laugh. It was one of those belly laughs where you throw your head back and cover your mouth to muffle the cackles. Brownstone stood watching her as he beamed from ear-to-ear extremely proud of the delivery of his joke. We couldn’t help but laugh alongside them as we soaked up every bit of the memories we were making. Definitely a moment we will never forget. 

There’s a lot to unpack here. This moment defines Ana and Brownstone SO well. Their love shines so bright and is such a contagious sense of warmth. It’s easy to forget about the chill in the air when you’re around them. Which is how we were confidently able to equate them to sunshine. They laugh so easily with one another that it’s hard to do anything but smile when watching them. Ana and Brownstone have so much love for one another. Their love is natural. It’s easy. We know that they were truly destined to be together. The sweet and equally humorous moment is absolutely the best way to explain their personalities. Brownstone got all sentimental on us and mentioned forever. Just as our hearts were melting into a puddle thinking about how adorable that was, he switched gears and hit us with his witty line about them hopefully being stuck with each other forever (hence never needing a wedding photographer ever again). They don’t take anything too seriously and that’s such an amazing characteristic to have. Jokes are constantly flowing between them but in the same breath, they stare at each other like they just won the lottery. These two are major go-with-the-flow types of people. Easy-going. Carefree. Content. Not even the rain or change of plans stopped them from having fun. They are down for a good time as long as they are doing so together. That’s literally the recipe for having the best day ever, every day. We absolutely love it. Actually being mildly obsessed with them is probably the better term to use here.

Ana and Brownstone, thank you endlessly for simply being you. You made our job so easy and effortless by being your caring, witty, and relaxed selves. We cannot thank you enough for letting us be a part of the magic that is your love story. It’s definitely one that makes our hearts so happy and so full. Stealing a one-liner from you, Brownstone, but we could watch you two dote over one another all night long so much so that you might “have to start charging us to do so!” Cheers to more laughter and all the comical moments we will share together in November. Officially counting down the days until #AnaGetsBrownstoned!