We were standing on the river bank. She held his arm tightly. She braced herself as she partially hid behind him. Her smile never left her face. He gripped the bottle. He carefully twisted the wire off of the cork. Brandon glanced at the camera, grinned at Megan, and leaned back in anticipation. In an effortless moment, we heard a quiet pop. The cork soared through the air as the champagne started flowing. He chuckled as he sprayed the golden goodness into the water while they both simultaneously avoided a champagne shower. The stillness of the Fox River running through Fabyan Forest Preserve was interrupted in a beautiful way. Laughter filled the air. A celebration was ensuing. It was just us and them. Toasting to their perfect union and a beautiful life together. We were soaking up every sweet glance they shared and the kisses they stole in between their endless giggles. Their happiness radiated brighter than the setting sun. And most importantly, they were simply having fun. 

We hope by now that you know how much we enjoy moments like this. The simple moments between two people celebrating how much they love one another. And if it isn’t obvious already, we love this sweet champagne pop moment with Megan and Brandon. We love it because if you don’t know these two, you need to know that everything they do is so intentional. They are incredibly thoughtful. From using their personalized champagne flutes to making sure that they saved enough champagne to share a toast. They strived to make their entire session perfect and perfectly them. If you ask us, they did so flawlessly! But Megan and Brandon are not just thoughtful in the little, physical details. It is as plain as day that they have so much love for one another. They both light up when they look at each other. Pure, genuine, happiness is all we see when we look at them. It’s honestly so contagious. We’re still gushing over and smiling about the little gestures we noticed during their session. Like Brandon moving the hair out of Megan’s face without being asked or Megan sweetly calling him “B” whenever she tried to grab his attention. It’s the little, simple things that mean the most. And these two do that all so well. Their love is simple yet romantic. Their love is strong and traditional. And most of all, their love is fun. This moment on the riverbank is so depictive of how much fun Megan and Brandon have together. Laughter is a staple in their relationship especially because they have no problem being a little silly together. We admire that through striving for the perfect moments, Megan and Brandon were still able to let loose and simply have a good time. If all of that’s not a recipe for a perfect session or the beginning of a perfect marriage, we don’t know what is! 

Megan and Brandon, first and foremost HAPPY WEDDING MONTH!! We CANNOT wait to celebrate with you two some more in a couple of short weeks. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story. We adored watching you two love one another and our hearts are still so happy when we think of all the magical moments we shared! Your relationship truly is a beautiful sight to see. And we couldn’t pick a better match for either of you if we tried. You truly are #perfecltyporth and meant to be. So…. let’s go get you married!!!