We can’t quite explain it, but the world around Lighthouse Landing was so surreal. The birds were chirping. There was a warm breeze in the air. The sun was glistening through the trees and touching every flower and blade of grass it could reach. The sound of Lake Michigan lapping against the beach echoed in the distance. And we were enjoying every moment of that peaceful evening. Especially because we were with two of the sweetest people ever. It was as if all the stars aligned in Evanston that night to match the energy that Olivia and Trevor put out into the world. Outgoing happiness. Delightful joy. Pure serenity. We met them in the parking lot and walked to our first photo location. We made small talk at first but the conversations started flowing so effortlessly. As effortless as old friends playing catch up after a busy few weeks of not seeing one another. Except this was our first time meeting in person! That’s just how friendly these two are. Being around Olivia and Trevor is so easy and comfortable. We talked about everything and anything and shared so many laughs all before we even picked up our cameras. We’re talking travel recommendations in Tennessee to gushing over the fact that they are getting married at the same venue as Emily. We covered it all. It was such a “pinch us!” moment. We instantly clicked so well with them that we forgot that we had a job to do. We of course got right to creating beautiful memories, but we were in awe of how that seemingly perfect evening was the setting for the beginning of a perfect friendship! 

For those of you who know anything about us, you know that this moment we just described is truly a dream come true. Beyond making our clients happy through our photos, our main goal is to create lasting friendships with each and every one of them. We just love what we do and it makes our hearts so happy to be there for everyone behind the camera and beyond the moments we’ve captured. We’re here for the photos, but we stay for the friendships. That’s our new slogan! Olivia and Trevor kind of set the bar really high in this regard! We mean we felt this strongly about them before our session actually started. There’s a first time for everything and we are so happy to have experienced this with them. Especially because they have such easygoing personalities that it’s hard to not mesh well with them. Both of them have great senses of humor filled with a little wit and a whole lot of laughter. They truly enjoy one another’s company and at the same time are great company to keep. We gathered very early on that Olivia and Trevor have really big hearts. It’s the way they intently listen to a conversation. Or how they immediately want to recommend all their happiest experiences with you so you can share in their happiness. It’s the way they know one another inside out. How they care for one another’s boundaries – like how Olivia knows Trevor’s not a huge fan of having his photo taken so she didn’t force him into anything he wasn’t comfortable with, but how Trevor displayed great patience the entire time because he knew these photos meant a lot to Olivia. They’re pretty perfect for one another if you haven’t caught on yet. Simply put, we think Olivia and Trevor are two amazing people and we’re just going to keep bragging that we’ve formed a beautiful friendship with them! 

Olivia and Trevor, to answer Trevor’s question at the session, yes we really do like you two enough already to post you on our social media! As a matter of fact, we adore you two. Thank you for letting us be a part of your sweet, simple, and romantic love story. Thank you for welcoming us into your life so effortlessly and making us feel like we’ve been friends for years. Thank you for simply being you and for loving one another the way you do. We cannot wait to watch your love for one another grow as we impatiently wait for your big day!