The rain was pattering against the window. The room was dim. There he was pacing back and forth. We’re pretty sure that if we were standing next to him, we would have been able to hear his heart wanting to beat out of his chest. Charlie’s nerves were setting in. And then he heard the giggle in her voice saying  “don’t turn around Charlie!” Ashling made her way to Charlie for their first touch before the ceremony. And in that moment, it seemed like they were both at ease. All the nerves of the day had vanished. They were finally together. Charlie sighed and they both smiled the biggest smiles. They stood back to back and firmly held hands. This was their moment. With all the commotion of the day, Ashling and Charlie (aka “Charling”)  wanted a private moment together. They took turns reading their hand-written letters to each other. It was like we were listening to a romance novel. Their pages were overflowing with so much love and words of admiration for one another. Both Ashling and Charlie expressed their pure joy for their future together. And let us tell you, it was such a romantic and emotional moment. Both of them had tears in their eyes the whole time. Our hearts were so full watching these two. 

You all know how much we love first looks. They are one of our favorite parts of a wedding day! But, we have to say, first touches are growing on us. It makes us think that two people, like Charling, can’t stand being apart even for the sake of tradition. And we think this is very true for these two. Having that private moment was so important for them. It seemed like a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders by just being together. That tells us that Ashling and Charlie are as comfortable together as two people can be. And we love that. They know each other inside and out. We think that they were absolutely made for one another! The perfect pair. These two seem to have so much in common from their career goals and values to both of them being easy-going with an emotional side. We were excited listening to how excited both of these two are for their future together. They both expressed how amazing the other will be as a spouse and parent. It was beautiful to witness their bond and love for one another not only on their special day but at their engagement session too. If we could spend everyday with Charling, we would! 

Ashling and Charlie, our hearts are so full from celebrating your love with you. Thank you for your trust in us. Honestly, your day was magical! We remember telling you that even with the biggest storms, the sun always makes an appearance on wedding days. We like to think your loved ones looking down on you played a big role in that, and sent you lots of sunshine when we needed it. You two are perfect for each other. We love your playful, laid-back love. And we admire your love for other people. We are so lucky to have you as part of our little Love Elle Family. Cheers to forever and more, Charling! 



Church: St. Patrick’s Parish

Venue: St. Charles Country Club

Videographer: Acosta Cinema

Wedding Planner & Florist: Carla Keeney

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Mixology Salon & Spa

Wedding Dress: Genevieve's Bridal Couture

Bride’s Shoes: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Vera's Bridals

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Rings: Diamondaire