Think of the movies. A romance film about two people crazy in love. They’re sitting in two separate locations mirroring each other’s actions perfectly. So perfectly that if you were to cut and paste one to the other, they would fit seamlessly together in one spot. Except we weren’t watching a movie. We were witnessing April and Alex’s beautiful love story unfold before our eyes. Sitting in their respective getting ready rooms, dressed in a black tux and a pretty white dress, they were anxiously waiting to see each other. It was the perfect time for them to read each other’s letters. A wave of emotion washed over April as she began to read his letter. Her hands were shaking and the tears started falling. She softly smiled at the camera even more eager to see him. In the same breath, Alex was getting choked up looking down at her handwritten note. With a huge sigh of relief that he made it through her letter without crying, Alex looked at the camera with the biggest smile on his face. He laughed and said that it was like he was reading his own letter. Because they basically wrote the same thing. How amazing is that?!

In case you don’t remember, we obsessed over the fact that these two are so happy around each other. We couldn’t keep the smiles off of their faces during their engagement session. And that stayed true throughout their entire wedding day too. Even with all the emotions and tears, their faces lit up every time they looked at each other. But this specific moment dives deeper into their relationship. We’ve never met two people more perfect for each other. They are so in tune with one another. Their minds work the same. And they know each other inside and out. Just two best friends falling more in love with one another each and every day. In the forefront of all that they do, loving each other and keeping the other happy is always #1. It is magical to witness. We can confidently say this because this isn’t the first time we’ve experienced them being on the same brain wave. We once asked them what their favorite memory was together, and they both thought of the same specific moment. It was an interaction between them before they started dating, where they both bonded through laughter. We love that their answers and thoughts always line up. They have such a special, deep connection. Anyone who witnesses their love is instantly as happy as they are together… We can vouch for this!

April and Alex, your wedding day was a dream come true. Every little detail and every aspect of the day was perfect. Like come on, The BRIX on the Fox could not have been a more perfect setting to bring your vision to life. Even your details and decor were so unique to the two of you and your relationship together. Sparkly. Romantic. Elegant. Fun. Personalized. Emotional. Classy. Our list could go on forever but we think you get the idea. Thank you for trusting us to celebrate with you. We just adore you two. We will say it again, your love story belongs in a movie. Can’t wait to see all the adventures you go on together and with sweet Lilah by your side… so where to next?? Cheers to you Mr. and Mrs.! 



Getting Ready Venue: 124 Lofts

Ceremony Venue: St. Edward Catholic Church

Reception Venue: The BRIX on the Fox

DJ: SMP Productions

Videographer: Oakhouse Wedding Films

Florist: MKuzma Designs

Wedding Dress: Diana’s Bridal

Shoes: Jimmy Choo and Converse

Groom’s Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids: Diana’s Bridal

Food & Catering: Chic Chef Catering

Cake: Milette’s Cakes

Detail Personalizations: Elaaacrafts