The sun was glistening beautifully through the trees. Our patch of shade was keeping us cool despite the warm weather. The slight breeze was blowing her hair out of her face. And their laughter felt like it filled the entire area of Lake Shore State Park. It was picturesque. It was heartwarming. We didn’t think that this moment could be anymore perfect. And then we heard it. Charlie was imitating a plane and making Ashling laugh even harder. Which in case you're wondering, she has such a beautiful, contagious laugh. But, imitating a plane? Yes, you read that correctly. We like our couples to have fun during their session, so sometimes we like to add in extra movement and a silly idea to spark some laughter. And that’s exactly what the airplane pose did and then some. Charlie took our request and said I can do better. Think of the sounds a parent makes when feeding their baby using the spoon as an airplane. That’s exactly what Charlie was doing before squeezing Ashling in a tight embrace. And honestly, it was one of the most genuine moments we’ve witnessed in a while. It was such a lighthearted moment. It was playful. It was funny. And we are so thankful for it. 

Now, we think it’s an important point to mention that Charlie warned us a long time ago that taking photos isn’t his favorite pastime. Which is totally okay and something we hear pretty often! With that in mind, doesn’t it make more sense why this moment stood out to us so much! When you think of someone who doesn’t enjoy having his photo taken, you probably think of Mr. Grumpypants who hardly smiles and constantly asks how many more photos he needs to be in. Not Charlie. He was such a good sport and made the most of our session! Him and Ashling were complete naturals in front of the camera. They took direction so easily and did anything they could to hear the other person laugh. We think that’s what’s so special about their relationship. They are very easygoing. They make each other laugh so easily. You get the feeling that they are just genuinely happy when they are together. Their smiles are contagious. And their love seems so effortless. Honestly, these two are the type of people that you always want to be around. Especially because we just couldn’t keep our smiles off our faces watching them together!

Ashling and Charlie, thank you so much for spending the evening giggling with us and your perfect pup Koda! It really couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. We can gush about you two and your love for each other all day long, but we’ll save some of our emotions for your wedding day. We are so excited to celebrate with you in a couple of weeks. Cheers to more laughter, endless adventures, and lots of puppy cuddles!