It wasn’t a giant dance floor but it was just perfect. The lights were dimmed low with purple uplighting on the brick walls and the music was turned loud. Birch in Wauwatosa is so perfect for an intimate event, so naturally everyone made their way to the dance floor. The party was just getting started when the Marquette flag made its appearance. A simple navy blue and white flag with yellow detailing. When all of your college friends are in one place, there’s no better time to get a group photo. And that’s exactly what we did. This photo was a must have, and we definitely saw why. Devon and Mitch met during their time at Marquette. So, it brought them together. You could just see how happy and prideful they all were with the flag in the center of the photo. Everyone’s smiles were contagious. 

Taking a group photo is such a trivial part of a wedding day. It’s almost second nature to us. But we think it speaks volumes for how important it was to Devon and Mitch. This moment defines who they are as a couple. They are so caring and loving. Their friends and family mean the world to them. So much so that they celebrated twice. Once on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the second with us at their modern, rustic venue in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful day seeing how happy they are together and celebrating that happiness with their loved ones. We honestly can’t remember a time where they weren’t showing their beautiful smiles. And that is the best way to remember their day. 

Devon and Mitch, it has been such a joy to watch your love grow. The way you both light up when you look at one another is straight out of a movie. Don’t let that love ever fade! We are so thankful for your friendship, one for Lexi that goes back to high school. And for your trust in us with your precious moments. We loved exploring Milwaukee with the two of you, not once, but twice if we include your engagement session (which you can see here). We mean come on, you even showed us your new home! What a blessing! We can’t wait to see the life you build together there. Cheers to more years of caring and loving one another!