The sun was peeking through the clouds. It was humid. The smell of rain was in the air. The water was calm. The dock we were waiting on seemed miles away from the hustle and bustle of wedding prep happening at Water’s Edge. Even though in reality the venue is the ideal lakeside getaway as it literally sits on the water. Haley’s dream-come-true! Everything in that moment seemed absolutely perfect. 

He was dressed in his spiffy navy blue suit. Wildflower boutonniere pinned to his lapel and a good luck charm hanging on the inside of his jacket. Jacob held onto the tiny blue book that was home to their vows and smirked at the camera. He was patiently waiting to see his beautiful bride in her “white dress that probably has straps.” Spoiler alert. Jacob may not have been super specific on what he thought her dress would look like, but Haley was indeed wearing quite the stunning white dress with straps. We were pretty impressed with how spot on he was. Hair pinned perfectly, ethereal dress fitting like a glove, and cathedral veil flowing effortlessly behind her, Haley made her way to him. A moment both of them had been waiting for all morning. We cannot even begin to describe the smile that Haley had on her face as she took those last few steps towards him. We probably won’t do her emotions justice, so for those of you that know her, just picture her at her absolute happiest! She was glowing. Haley tapped Jacob on the shoulder and they both beamed as bright as the sun as soon as they locked eyes with one another. They shared a precious few moments admiring each other before turning to us and asking for a private moment. Haley and Jacob wanted to share their vows with one another. 

All we’re going to say is, we’re here for the private moments. It’s so easy to get caught up in the events of your big day before you realize that you haven’t had a true moment alone with your favorite person. We’re even happier that Haley and Jacob asked for this because it is fitting for them. It was intimate. And we’re sure those vows were filled with more love than our sappy hearts can handle. You may recall from their engagement session that we adore how completely opposite these two are. They bring out the best in each other and complement one another perfectly. Haley being the bubbly, outgoing one and Jacob being rather reserved and quiet. We have to assume that Jacob was a big advocate for sharing their vows privately. And we absolutely love how Haley made that a huge must on their day. It just goes to show how much these two care for each other. They will do anything to make the other person happy. Honestly, when these two smile and giggle together everyone around them matches their energy. Especially because anyone who knows Jacob will tell you that he’s hard to crack sometimes! It’s so heartwarming to witness. Haley and Jacob have an easygoing love. They are playful with one another. They respect each other wholeheartedly. Haley and Jacob are just simply as happy as can be with one another. They have the biggest hearts and so much love to give not only to one another but everyone who has made an impact on their lives! Ugh these two just melt our hearts...

Haley and Jacob, wow, we adore you two! Even with the downpour of good luck rain that came with your day, everything was perfect! And it was all perfectly you two. We loved all of your sentimental touches in your details, decor, and gifts. Pretty sure Lexi needed multiple tissues throughout the day (she’s a crier!). We cannot thank you enough for letting us celebrate you two. It was such an honor for us to capture your dream day. We love your relationship and hope you two never stop loving one another as hard as you do. Never stop being goofy with each other either. It’s so darn cute to watch. So cheers to you two and your forever. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and your sweet Chloe! 



Venue: Water’s Edge on Delavan Lake

Officiant: Bob Linco

DJ: A Personal Touch DJ’s

Videographer: Last Decade Films 

Florist: Marry Me Floral

HMU: Jaide & Co. Bridal Artistry

Wedding Dress: All About the Gown

Wedding Dress Designer: Rachel Rose Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Naturalizer

Groom’s Attire: Mike Bjorn's Formal Wear

Rings: Helzberg Diamonds

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Invitation Suite: The Knot

Catering: Tall Guy and a Grill

Cake: Kirby's Korner Bakery