Where do we start with Dima and Rami… Well, first things first, Rami is one of Emily and her husband’s long-time friends. Rami and Alex (Emily’s husband) were as close as can be in elementary school and the three of them were friends all throughout high school too. Rami was also a groomsman in their wedding! So, it’s safe to say that this was an extra special session for Emily to capture. We don’t have the exact details on how Dima and Rami met, but whatever the story is we’re sure it’s a cute one! Just look at them together! We do know that the two lovebirds met in Alabama after they graduated college. Dima is actually from Alabama and still lives there! So it was so sweet to know that she flew into Chicago just for us. They seriously couldn’t have picked a better location to showcase the beauty of the city and the skyline. We met them at Milton Lee Olive Park at sunset and we’re kind of really obsessed. The session was nothing short of perfect, from their outfits to the way the sun was shining through the buildings, it was definitely an evening to remember. Honestly, all of those details are great, but their love for each other is what stood out to us, because the way they look at each other just puts a smile on our faces. Cue all the heart eyes! It wouldn't be a perfect evening without spending some time on the beach! So that’s what we did. They changed outfits and were brave enough to play in the water for a bit. Dima even took one for the team and got hit with some flying sand by someone who got a little too close to us. We can go on and on about how much we love these two, but we’ll save the rest for their wedding day. Dima and Rami, we cannot wait to celebrate with you two in October because working with you two was a dream come true!