Please tell us that you’ve watched “The Notebook!” You know the epic and passionate love story that we all swooned over back in the day. There’s one scene in particular that we reference quite often. It’s pouring. Noah and Allie reconnected after years of not seeing each other. She runs into his arms and he lifts her up and the rest is history. We ask our couples to recreate this lift for photos. And that’s exactly what we did with Elena and Jeremy. Northwestern’s campus was acting as the perfect setting for such a romantic moment. We found THE best spot in the shade with the setting sun glowing through the trees. Their laughter was growing louder by the minute. Elena jogged towards Jeremy and they collided with one another. We’re going to chalk this failed attempt up to the fact that Jeremy said he doesn’t really remember the movie all too well (sorry to put you on the spot Jeremy, we just think it’s a must watch. So grab your popcorn, a cuddly blanket, and plan a romantic movie night with Elena!). Failed lift and all, it was still a perfect moment. These two were giggling like crazy. Smiling from ear to ear. And simply having an amazing time. 

Yes the lift is always a picture perfect moment for photos, but we’d honestly rather have more moments like this one. Elena and Jeremy came out of their shells. They were simply just being themselves. It was pretty amazing. Especially because both of them are rather reserved. Upon first talking to them they seem that way, but you slowly realize that they bring out the best in one another. They are comfortable with each other. They have fun together. These two laugh uncontrollably together, it’s contagious. Their love is easy-going and playful. And our hearts are just so happy thinking about these two together!

Elena and Jeremy, we are so happy that we got you two in front of the camera. You are so genuine, kind, and so much fun to be around. We love the laughs you two share and how much you two truly care about one another. You share such a special bond and it was such a treat to witness. We’ll happily third wheel to hang out with you two any day! Cheers to more cute dates, lots of laughs, and maybe practicing “The Notebook” lift for future photo opportunities.

P.S. They did eventually nail a version of the lift and it was JUST as perfect as we originally envisioned it to be.