It was a beautiful evening. Clouds filled the sky as the breeze blew around us. The water was flowing at the magical Bull Creek District Park. Although it may have been humid, the rain luckily held off for these two love birds. As they sat together on the rocky ground, Kimberly rested on Jacob while his arms wrapped around her, pulling her in close. Throughout our entire time together, smiles never left their faces and the giggles were constant. Jacob knew exactly what to say to make Kimberly laugh. It was so clear to see how happy they make one another. It was written all over their faces. And then, just as we were putting our cameras down, we see something out of the corner of our eyes. Jacob took that split second while our eyes were looking away to give Kimberly a kiss on her cheek. He thought he was being sneaky, but we caught him! Jacob told us he was trying to sneak that kiss in in-between the photos but we were too quick for him. So basically, he was doing a sweet gesture to Kimberly just because. Like what?! Is that not the cutest thing ever! Of course, we were already having these two share those sweet moments of forehead kisses and going nose to nose, but seeing Jacob genuinely love on Kimberly just because he felt like it, even for a split second, was the cherry on top of this already adorable session.

We must say, this moment definitely didn’t come as a total shock to us. It was clear from the time we started the session how much Kimberly and Jacob care for each other. Kimberly may be on the quieter side, but Jacob had no problem making her giggle. The two of them were smiling and sharing laughs the entire time! Seeing Jacob slide in those cheek kisses allowed us to witness a little glimpse into their undeniable love. It truly showed us just how perfect these two are together. When we asked them what they love about each other, Kimberly said she loves how positive, energetic, and outgoing Jacob is and that he brings her out of her shell. Jacob said he loves how sweet and caring Kim is and that she is a calming presence. We thought these were the perfect descriptions of the two of them. They complete each other. They make a perfect pair and we know their love will take them far! 

Kimberly and Jacob, thank you for sharing your love with us! We had such a fun evening with you two. We love getting genuine laughs out of our couples, and y’all made that one easy for us. Watching you interact with each other, with smiles never leaving your faces, was truly a sight to see. We couldn’t wipe those smiles off your faces for even a second! And that’s a pretty great problem to have if you ask us. We know you two are destined to be together and we can’t wait to watch your love grow even more! We are already counting down the days until September!!