They were standing in the middle of the intersection. He dipped her back ever so slightly and kissed her. She lifted her bouquet in the air as her pearl-embellished veil got caught in the wind and floated around them. They pulled away from each other with the biggest smiles on their faces and continued strolling towards the Chicago Riverwalk. Just your average day in the city, right? They were so in tune with one another. Walking hand-in-hand. Each step was taken in perfect harmony, so much so, that their “just married” walk seemed choreographed. They stole more smooches. Hugged one another tighter. And just enjoyed the moments following their union. It was their moment and they were beaming. They were effortlessly radiating pure joy. And said joy touched everyone around them. You can’t be anything but happy when you’re around Lauren and Steven. Those are the rules. We don’t make them, but they’re so easy to follow because their smiles are contagious. We could hear the chatter and cheers from their loved ones back at City Hall. Life was moving quickly around us. Literally moving. Cars were zooming by and people were rushing past us to move on with their day. But Lauren and Steven didn’t mind. They were in their own little bubble of wedded bliss and happiness. It was just the two of them in the big city. And their laughter filled the air, blessing the city with the sweet sound of two crazy-in-love people finally coming together as one. And we were enjoying every moment with them.

We love reflecting on the moments after Lauren and Steven said “I do.” Simply because we can arguably say that we’ve never seen such happier people. No exaggeration there. The second the City Hall doors opened and everyone started cheering for them, these two wore their best smiles. We don’t think there was a single moment that we witnessed their smiles leave their faces… maybe except when they happy cried during the speeches, but that’s a different story. As each moment passed, their smiles increasingly became their best accessories and their laughter grew louder. There was a twinkle in their eyes when they looked at each other. And every time they embraced one another it was as if they hadn’t seen each other in a year. It was amazing to witness their love. Especially because Lauren and Steven have SO much love for one another. It makes our hearts want to explode just thinking about it. Speaking from experience, that’s what happens when you meet the love of your life in high school. Lauren and Steven have had so much time to experience life together. They grew up with one another and learned to love one another for all that they are. They are friends turned lovers and lovers turned best friends. These two are the perfect pair. Steven and Lauren share a simple, romantic bond. It’s so easy to see that they truly enjoy each other’s company and have the best time when they are together. There’s no other way to describe them than perfect. Perfect together. Perfect for each other. And perfectly happy. Now that’s the beginning of a fairytale if we ever read one! 

Lauren and Steven, sorry for gushing over you so much! We just can’t help ourselves. Thank you for letting us be a part of your magical wedding day. We know you said you wanted to keep it simple, but we hope you know as simple as it was, it was still such a beautiful way to honor your love and commitment. Your day was perfect and we loved celebrating you two! We felt like old friends hanging out on a casual Saturday in the city because you two have such kind, welcoming hearts. So thank you endlessly for trusting us and for sharing uncontrollable giggles with us all along the riverwalk. We adore you both and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you! Here’s to young love lasting a lifetime!