Their first dance song was quietly playing in the background. It was soothing. It was joyful. It was just what Marina needed while she anxiously waited for Art to arrive for their first look. We sat with her in the car and watched her check and recheck his location as she counted down the minutes. Her smile grew brighter with each passing moment, which we didn’t know was possible because Marina’s personality is literally all smiles already. She’s seriously one of the happiest people we know and we adore her. Her beautiful glam waves and cathedral veil softly billowed in the breeze from the air conditioner as she painted a romantic picture of the simplicity of their love and relationship. She softly giggled as she reminisced about the morning that they had together. Our hearts melted when we learned that Marina and Art took a walk to their favorite coffee shop. They had one last date as fiancés before the wedding festivities began. Art dropped Marina off at the salon and that’s when it all started to hit her. We could see her holding back her emotions as she said that Art is her calming presence. She was at peace in the morning when they were together and immediately felt the stress wash over her when he left. She sighed as she said, “I know it’s only been three hours, but I just need to see him!”

We absolutely love this moment with Marina. It is raw. It is emotional. It is a moment filled with pure adoration and joy. It perfectly depicts who Marina and Art are and how much they love one another. It is a delightful reminder that finding your soulmate isn’t simply about finding happiness. It’s finding someone who brings you peace and makes you feel comfortable 100% of the time. Loving someone for all that they are and realizing that the best version of you is with him or her. That is powerful. And that is exactly the bond that Marina and Art share. Their love is very poetic and straight out of a romance novel (and we’re not just saying that because Marina is an English teacher, but how fitting, right?). We’re saying that because of how beautifully emotional their wedding made both of them. It was intimate and cozy. They cried so many happy tears and poured their hearts out to one another during the ceremony. They passionately promised all of their love to one another, leaving Marina unable to even finish reading her vows. It was such a heartfelt moment. They gently embraced each other whenever they could and still couldn’t get enough. That’s what happens when your relationship blossoms over time. These two started as friends for many years and quickly formed a deep connection that brought them to where they are now. They’re not afraid to be themselves around each other and truly bring out the best in one another. So much so, that they claimed Art doesn’t like taking photos and has a prominent grumpy face. But, jokes on us because he matched Marina’s smiles tenfold! Sparks fly when they look at each other and there is such a warmth about them that invites you in and entices you to get to know them deeper. 

Marina and Art, you are truly one of a kind and we are so lucky to not only have been a part of your love story but to simply know you. We gathered very early on that what you two have is so special and to be able to witness your love in person has been a dream come true. From the hand-picked novel favors to the seamless blending of two cultures, your day at The Lytle House was perfectly you in every way. So thank you for trusting us to capture it all. Our hearts are so full and we cannot wait to continue reading the next chapters of this beautiful life you are writing together! 



Venue: The Lytle House

Coordinator: Robyn Lytle 

Officiant: Luisa Ruiz

DJ: Style Matters DJs, Inc.

Musicians: Louis Pettinelli Entertainment

Florist: Studio Poppy Flora

HMU: goldplaited - A Finishing Salon 

Wedding gown: Viero Bridal Chicago

Bride’s Shoe: Phillip Lim

Groom’s Attire: Indochino

Rings: Brilliant Earth & David Yurman

Invitation Suite: Greenvelope

Food Truck: The Tamale Spaceship

Cake: Bittersweet Weddings

Doughnuts: Beacon Doughnuts