Standing from afar admiring her, he grabbed the delicate bouquet of baby’s breath and ran towards her. With the biggest smile on his face, big brother handed Mom the flowers. Her face lit up and she hugged her little man close. They shared lots of giggles as he kissed his Mom’s belly, impatiently waiting for the real deal. The garden, full of changing leaves, was absolutely breathtaking, but our eyes were glued to this precious family of three. They filled the air with lots of love. And if there is one word to describe the Manion family that’s it. Loving. 

It doesn’t take much to get this trio to show some lovin’ on one another. Their joy and excitement for baby boy’s arrival made it so easy for them to share lots of hugs and kisses. Mom and Dad have such a sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other. That sparkle shines even brighter when they interact with their kiddos. We think even outside of this magical time, they have so much affection and love for one another. If you don’t believe us, check out their family session from last year here. You’ll see exactly what we mean. You’ll also have a smile on your face the whole time because little man’s smile just lights up an entire room. It’s contagious! 

Manions, we love your love for one another and adore your little family. We cherish the memories we’ve made with you. Especially because your little man just brightens up our day every time we are with him. It has been such an honor to watch your family grow. We know this is long overdue since we are catching up on our blog posts, but we are so excited to share your newborn session soon too!