It was warm and inviting. A cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The aesthetic of their home was on point (chef’s kiss). Every room we went into was more beautiful than the last. The yellow, red, and green color tones throughout the session were perfection. Not only did the warm color tones match the vibe of their home, but all three of them coordinated so well with each other from the vibrant red hair to the playful yellow socks and little man’s green pants. We think our favorite spot, though, would have to be baby boy’s nursery. All the colors came to life in his room. The two of them designed the nursery so beautifully. It seriously looks like it came straight off of Pinterest. Baby boy’s bed sheets were the perfect shade of yellow, the adorable alphabet rug added a beautiful contrast to the hardwood floors, and his colorful polkadot wall tied all the colors together. We mean, HOW CUTE is this room?! But more importantly, how cute is this little family IN this room!! Heart eyes!

Okay okay, we know we are going on and on about the Mann’s home, but it was such a joy for us to watch the three of them interacting together in there. There’s no doubt about it, they did a beautiful job decorating their home to perfectly showcase their style. But really, what we took away most from this newborn session was all the love that filled that home. The love they have for each other and the love they have for this sweet baby boy is just undeniable. You can feel it just by watching them. They both effortlessly fell into their roles as parents and it was so beautiful to see. And we KNOW that little boy knows how much he is loved because he certainly didn’t want to leave his mama’s arms. He was perfectly content just spending the day cuddled up with his parents. That’s pretty darn cute if you ask us.

Mann family, we feel so blessed to have watched your love for not only each other, but for that sweet baby of yours as well. Thinking back to your gorgeous maternity session and knowing how excited you two were for becoming parents, to seeing you hold that baby boy in your arms, it was truly amazing to witness. You two make the best parents and he is one lucky boy. We know we are very overdue with this blog post, but we can’t help but smile when we see your pictures of him growing up into the most adorable little man. Thank you, once again, for putting your trust in us to capture your precious memories. You are the best!!