The golden sun was shining down on the tall grass. Her long white dress was billowing in the breeze. Her arms were cradling that baby bump as her smile beamed with happiness. She was glowing. And then, from behind us, we hear it. Vanessa had her eyes locked on Samantha while she said, wow she looks amazing. She really did. We were all in awe as we watched Samantha love on that bump. We’ve had spouses make loving comments as they’ve watched their significant other in front of the camera, but this time was different. Vanessa was giving non-stop compliments and constantly boosting Samantha up. She was so genuine about it, too. You could feel the love and admiration they have for one another. We can’t help but smile just thinking about it!

This story is so telling of Samantha and Vanessa’s relationship. Their love is strong and kind. Their eyes light up when they look at each other. And add a baby in the mix, they were on cloud nine! Our session with them also showed us a glimpse into how much Vanessa cared for Samantha while she was pregnant. She was constantly by her side and checking to make sure she was feeling okay. It was the sweetest thing to see. Not to mention, it was very obvious how excited they were to be parents. Baby boy was already so loved. You can’t really ask for anything better! 

Samantha and Vanessa, what can we say? Your love is inspiring. The way you admire one another and compliment each other on the regular is so amazing to see. You are the perfect pair and baby boy is so so lucky to have you two as parents. As we write this, little man is already here, so we can confidently say you are the best parents. We absolutely love seeing the three of you together and we wish you nothing but the best on this journey of parenthood. Thank you for choosing us to capture such a special time in your lives. We feel so blessed to have witnessed your love!