Picture the fairytales. The prince has to rescue the princess. There’s some sort of trial that he faces to get to her. She waits for him with butterflies in her stomach. And then they lock eyes. You know the rest… they live happily ever after of course! You may think we are joking, but this is the epitome of how Mariela and Tentcho’s wedding day started. Just a little louder, a little more extravagant, and a whole lot more Bulgarian. Waiting in her childhood bedroom, Mariela did honestly look like a real life princess. She was glamorous. Her diamond jewelry was sparkling everytime she moved. Her dress fit her like a glove. She was honestly glowing. Her smile grew a little bit bigger every time she thought about Tentcho coming to get her. She was in her own little world compared to the hustle and bustle of what was happening on the outside of the house. The fairytale-like tradition is as follows. Dressed in his best, the groom, accompanied by family and his gents are supposed to make their way to the bride’s parents house so he can buy her from her family. Mariela’s closest family and friends were guarding the door as Tentcho tried to buy their approval. Things got a little rowdy but he forcefully made his way into the house to find his bride. They embraced in the sweetest hug and shared a quick kiss. They admired each other for the first time that morning. Cue all the heart eyes because that moment was precious! Everyone in the house cheered for them because alas, the prince finally got to his princess! And they were officially on their way to living happily ever after. After a day of celebrating of course!

Okay okay, we know we're gushing a little too much. But, with a day full of Bulgarian traditions, this one stood out to us. It makes us think that Tentcho would do anything for Mariela. Nothing could have stopped him from getting to his bride. And we know Mariela couldn’t wait any longer to see him, she was so excited! We think that’s pretty special. Now, we kind of have the upperhand and the 411 on their relationship because Mariela is Emily’s cousin. But even from a stranger’s perspective, it’s so easy to see how much these two love each other. Their love is passionate. Their love can be fierce. Their love is playful. They don’t take things too seriously as 99% of the time they are joking with one another and teasing each other. It makes being around them so fun! Mariela and Tentcho both have hearts that are two sizes too big (please tell us someone found this joke as funny as we did). They honestly have the kindest hearts. They have so much love for each other and for everyone close to them. These two are the type of people to drop what they are doing and help a friend in need. On THEIR day they were making sure their guests and wedding party were doing okay. Honestly, no other way to describe them other than sweet and amazing people. We wish you all can find a little bit of Mariela and Tentcho in your lives. 

Mariela and Tentcho, you already know this, but we LOVE you! It was such an honor to capture your day (and for Emily to also stand beside you!). It was such a beautiful journey to witness your vision come to life and watch you two begin your life together. Your day was perfectly you and couldn’t have worked out better if we tried. Thank you for endlessly being you two and for loving everyone around you the way that you do. You two will forever have a special place in our hearts. Cheers to your love, laughter, and happily ever after! Can’t wait to watch you two grow old together. <3 



Church: Saint Sophia Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Venue: Manzo’s Banquets

Hair Stylist: Lume’s Hairstyles

Makeup Artist: Highlights by Reni

Wedding Dress: Omaima Couture

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Jewel Osco Florals

DJ: DJ Kircho

Videographer: Matey D Mandazhiev with Outvision

Macarons: Light Delights Bakery

Cake: The Baking Institute