The sun was setting. And it was doing so in such a beautiful way. It was shyly peeking around the buildings as it glistened off the Chicago River. Its sparkle was dancing off the ripples of the quiet water adding a sense of serenity to the hustle and bustle around us. We were in the heart of the riverwalk. The city was our oyster. But it was just us and them. Nothing else mattered. And we couldn’t get enough of Marisa and Bryan. It was one of those evenings that we wished would last forever because we just loved being around these two. So before we said our goodbyes, we prompted them for two last photos with our polaroid camera. “Hug each other close and smile at the camera. One. Two. Three. *Click.* Omg love it! Now pick your favorite pose from today!” They stood facing each other with their noses touching. They were both giggling like there was no tomorrow and their contagious smiles filled our hearts with so much joy. We handed them the polaroids for some instant memories and gushed over them one more time. And then we heard it. Amidst their overwhelming thankfulness, Bryan asked us if this was the last time we’d see each other until their wedding. We paused for a moment almost in shock. This was the first time we’d ever been asked that question. And his tone was filled with such genuine care and warmth towards us that our hearts couldn’t handle it. They insisted that it was a must to get together before the big day… brb crying. 

We left that session feeling so loved by Marisa and Bryan. And we learned very quickly that to know these two is to be loved by them. These two have hearts of gold. They love one another so much that their cups are overflowing so they pour that onto everyone they know. They are delightful people. Genuine. Caring. Charming. And simply beautiful inside and out. They turn any situation – even rescheduling their engagement session twice – into a positive experience. They are so incredibly welcoming and easy to talk to, there truly is never a dull moment with them. Especially because laughter is a staple in their relationship. And when both of them laugh, it echoes through the air and immediately brightens your day. You’ve got to hear it for yourself! We just love this moment with Marisa and Bryan because it caught us off guard, in the best way possible. It made us kind of sad to realize that we don’t get to see our clients until their big day. We’re always down to meet up with our people because you know we want nothing more than to be friends after the big moments are captured. But, life happens and is busy. So it doesn’t really work out in our favor (which is totally okay!). But to know that we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know Marisa and Bryan’s is something we cannot express our gratitude for. While Bryan’s question made us a little sad, it made us even happier. We were happy because we felt so cared for. We were happy because we felt their desire to create the friendship we can only pray for. We were happy because that meant that Marisa and Bryan were happy with their session. We were happy because they were happy! That’s a whole lot to be happy about! 

Marisa & Bryan, thank you! Thank you for being nothing but yourselves throughout every encounter we’ve had thus far. You two are perfect in every way imaginable, so thank you for letting us be a part of your story. Thank you for hugging us the moment we met in person. Thank you for running through a crowd of people by the Wrigley Building for the photo op. Thank you for your patience and your trust. If you haven’t guessed it already, we adore you two and cannot wait to celebrate the beginning of your forever next year. We also cannot wait to see more of you before then, because we have a really good feeling that we were meant to be great friends! So cheers to many more laughs and so much love. See you soon!