It was warm. It was the most beautiful November day we could have ever imagined. A slight breeze, the setting sun, and lots and lots of color! Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve felt like it was glowing with all of the yellow and orange leaves surrounding us. We mean, everyone knows that yellow is without a doubt the happiest color! But even with all of the bright, happy colors, it wasn’t just the temperature that felt warm. There was a sense of warmth radiating off of Mary and Nick. They were happy. They were laughing. They were having a good time and were in their own little world sitting in the pampas grass. And we were equally as happy just watching them. It was as if these two were made for this moment because the forest preserve was showing off to match their energy. It was literally perfect in so many ways. 

This is the best way to describe Mary and Nick. Happy. They are joyful. They are so fun to be around and make each other smile so effortlessly. It’s hard not to share their joy and smile along with them! When Nick makes Mary laugh, it’s the cutest thing. She laughs with all of her being and throws her head back. He instantly lights up watching her. And when we caught her admiring him, we saw her face light up too. It’s clear to anyone who spends even five minutes with these two that they were meant to be together. Their relationship just makes our hearts so happy! We also get the notion that they just love spending time with one another. They are so comfortable with each other. They share the sweetest embraces. And believe it or not, our time with them was a “just because” session. Talk about an epic date night! All we can say is that when we grow up, we want to be as contagiously happy as these two. 

Mary and Nick, thank you so much for choosing to hang out with us just for fun. We always say that you don’t need a fancy or special occasion to have a photoshoot and your session is the perfect explanation as to why. It felt like all the stars aligned and made for such a picturesque evening. Your love for one another makes you such naturals in front of the camera. And your joy was just the cherry on top of a perfect session. We adore you two and hope you spend the rest of your days making each other laugh. Cheers to us forever doting over you two!