We were overwhelmed. In the best way possible that is. Our senses were working in overdrive as the celebration continued. Love. That’s what brought us there. And that’s what we were so focused on. The chatter and laughter of Mary Claire and Nathan’s loved ones echoed through the Windsor Room at Deer Path Inn. And the rare quiet moments were softly filled with a smooth jazz playlist. We could hear the love for the bride and groom being shared like sweet melodies over exquisite food and the clinking of glasses. We could feel the love pouring into the space and filling everyone with a sense of admiration and awe. It was so inviting and warm. We also physically saw the love radiating off of Mary Claire and Nathan. In an obvious sense, they absolutely glow when they are with each other, that’s how much they love one another. But that’s not the radiating love we are referring to (even though we’re shamelessly obsessed with them). We watched these two genuinely thank each and every guest for joining them. They made their way around every seat. Their smiles grew brighter and the squeals of joy got louder as they embraced their loved ones in pure gratitude. We heard bits and pieces of old memories being shared, endless invites to visit them in Texas, and so many heartwarming compliments. Mary Claire and Nathan have so much love to give, and let us tell you, they showered everyone with it and then some. 

We’re going to completely overuse the word here, but we LOVE these sweet moments between Mary Claire, Nathan, and their guests. We love it because table touches are often overlooked on wedding days. They’re not the most eventful part of the day from a creative standpoint and everyone knows that they take a decent amount of time. But that didn’t stop Mary Claire and Nathan. They were excited. There was so much joy and thankfulness in their hearts, they just had to sprinkle some of that energy at every table. It was a beautiful reminder that even in the hustle and bustle of one’s big day, there is absolutely time to show your thanks to everyone who touched your life in some way and helped you get to where you are.

We adore these moments even more because there’s no better way to describe Mary Claire and Nathan than through this moment. Both of them have hearts of gold. They endlessly put others before themselves. We quickly learned that a big part of their happiness comes from the happiness of those around them. To put this into perspective, Mary Claire (quick reminder that she was the BRIDE) was handing out tender compliments to everyone in her getting ready room all morning. She and Nathan wanted all their loved ones to feel good, be taken care of, and enjoy the ride of the day before ever checking in with themselves. Their caring and nurturing natures and their faith are the foundation of their relationship. Mary Claire and Nathan bring out the best in each other while also wholeheartedly caring for one another. They effortlessly make each other laugh and if you remember from their engagement session, they contently enjoy the simple moments together. These two were without a doubt made for one another from the way they balance each other out to the perfect height difference for endless forehead kisses. Like we said… we’re obsessed.

Mary Claire and Nathan, thank you! Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story and for showering us with the same love and gratitude you gave to your guests. We’ve absolutely loved working with you from our very first phone call and are thrilled to be able to say that we left your big day with two great friends. Your day was absolutely perfect and we’re not quite over it all. Like how you both beamed brighter than the sun once you locked eyes in the church. How you’re basically famous because Vince Vaughn photobombed your portraits. And we can still hear Nate’s “wow” and “she’s beautiful” when we look through the portraits of Mary Claire. Our list of favorite moments is pretty lengthy, so we’ll end it here. Just thank you. Cheers to a beautiful life together and now it’s our turn to shower you with compliments and love! 



Venue: Deer Path Inn

Church: St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church

Planner: Liz Simutis & LeAnn Asma

DJ: Phil with Manna Music

Florist: Polly’s Petals

Hair: Sarah with Salon Kallisto

Makeup: Dominique with Skincare by Dominique

Wedding Gown: Genevieve’s Bridal & Lillian West Bridal

Bride’s Shoe: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux

Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry

Rings: Brilliant Earth