That evening couldn’t have been more perfect. It felt like we took a scene right out of a movie. The sun was glistening through the trees as the leaves softly rustled in the breeze. It was warm and glowy; our favorite. The birds were chirping and singing sweet melodies to add to the tranquil atmosphere. The star of the show, Wesley, was off sniffing for bunnies and finding all his new favorite spots on Northwestern’s Campus. He needed a break because, we get it, being the perfect model pup is hard work. So it was just us. Admiring Megan and George in all their engaged, head-over-heels-in-love glory. Their smiles were stuck on their faces. They shared endless giggles and chuckles as they kissed each other over and over again. There was an extra sparkle and twinkle in their eyes whenever they looked at one another. They couldn’t get enough of each other and we couldn’t get enough of them! And then we asked the most important question…”Do you two ever pinky promise?” Without hesitation, Megan boldly exclaimed, “OMG, yes. All the time. They are everything! You can’t break a pinky promise.” Her face lit up at the mention of this small gesture. So to our delight, we prompted them to pinky promise and seal it with a kiss… for the photo op of course. It was second nature to them and such a natural moment. They smiled and enjoyed the magic of it all.

When we tell you that we had a hard time choosing a moment to talk about, we’re not lying. We’re in love with Megan and George and everything about their session (like come on… can we just take a moment to obsess over their outfits?!). We weren’t making it up when we said that it felt like we were in a movie scene. But, something stuck out to us about this small, simple moment. Maybe that’s why. The simplicity. Pinky promises are such a small gesture in the grand scheme of relationships. They are fun. They are playful. And to some, they mean a lot more than just the act of interlocking fingers. They are binding. They are important. We love that they are important to these two and their relationship. And maybe we also love this moment because it perfectly showcases how much fun Megan and George have together. Their love is so playful. They constantly joke around with each other and don’t seem to take things too seriously. You will truly never experience a dull moment when you are around Megan and George. Our faces still hurt from smiling and laughing so much with them! Their love is kind. They have such a strong, special bond with the biggest hearts. They are romantic without being too over-the-top. It’s the little things like the way they look at each other and just melt into one another’s arms. How George chivalrously helped Megan change in and out of her heels multiple times (sorry again Megan). Or how they always walk hand-in-hand to have some sort of connection at all times. Crazy how you can gather all of that from a pinky promise, right? 

Megan and George, what can we say? Mildly and shamelessly obsessed with you and your love. Your love story is one that deserves to be told over and over again and we are so incredibly thankful that we have the honor to do so. So thank you for letting us capture your perfect little family of three. We loved doting over you as much as we adored seeing you interact with sweet Wesley. A perfect evening all around for such a perfect couple. Can it be September already?!