The sun was getting close to the horizon line. The air was warm. The waves were calm. And the sand was extra soft between our toes. Evanston’s Lighthouse Landing Beach couldn’t have been a better place to be that October evening. You read that right… It was October. And we were on the beach at sunset. Dreams really do come true! It was nearing the end of our session. Monika and Nick couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces nor their eyes off of one another. It was dreamy. And then just like in the movies, we told them to run towards each other as if they haven’t seen one another in ages. Monika jumped in Nick’s arms and he spun her around as they squeezed each other tightly and shared sweet kisses. Either they are just great actors or they just really love and adore one another. We know it’s the latter and it makes this fun moment that much sweeter. 

Sweet is the perfect word to describe Monika and Nick’s personalities and their relationship. Laughter is a continuous factor in their marriage and they have loads of fun together. This pretend, long-awaited moment on the beach exemplifies that perfectly. Even though they had just spent over an hour doting over one another in front of the camera, they were able to embody the emotions if that weren't the case. It’s because they have so much love for one another. Their cups definitely have to be overflowing. But, in the best way possible. Monika and Nick have such a happy, charming glow about them. It’s hard to do anything but cheese real hard while you’re watching them. You kinda feel like you’re watching a movie. Their love is gentle. It’s authentic. And romantic. The way Nick would gently brush the hair out of her face or how Monika would look up at him and squeeze his hand tighter as her smile grew bigger. Man, we’re smiling just thinking about those sweet, simple moments! 

Monika and Nick, thank you so much for letting us celebrate your elopement in the best way possible! It was such a pleasure working with you and gushing over your love the entire time. You two truly are the sweetest pair and we think you couldn’t have found a better match even if you tried. We hope you never have to spend too much time apart, because you’re just too cute when you’re together. But, we know that if and when that long-awaited reunion comes, it’ll be worth the wait! Especially because you’ve already practiced for it. Cheers to one year of marriage and forever to go!