Her shrill shrieks of joy filled the room. All eyes were on her. We counted to three and prompted Mom and Dad to do something that baby girl had never seen before. “Ready? One. Two. THREE!” They tossed her birthday balloons up and we watched them soar through the air. They fell around her in perfect harmony with her contagious giggles. Just like confetti, but way more fun. It was a balloon party. And baby girl was having the time of her life. The beautiful, pink ombre cake was everywhere. Her tiny hands left traces of the sweet goodness on everything she touched. Every balloon was completely iced. Her luscious lashes were speckled with tiny crumbs. And she wore more frosting on her face and in her hair than she was able to eat. This sweet baby girl definitely had her cake and ate it too! It was truly a sight to see and a first birthday celebration to remember.

We love this moment. It perfectly depicts the Newton Family. Especially sweet baby Newton. We asked Mom to tell us a bit about Little Miss’ personality and she had the most heart-warming response. She was beaming. She was proud. And you could feel the love pouring out of her as she said, “OMG. She is just perfect in every way. She’s the happiest baby. She’s so smiley and loves to meet new people. We are just so lucky that she’s ours.” And if we’re being honest, Mom hit the nail on the head. This beautiful baby girl is truly so happy. She has a serious side but the silliest things make her giggle. And when you make her giggle, there’s no stopping her. Her personality is so expressive and endearing. She knows what she wants and makes everyone smile because of her assertiveness. Even more than that she is such a loving baby. She loves her Mom and Dad. And they love her endlessly too. They are such a happy family of three. We love how Mom and Dad (and her Gammy too, who relentlessly helped us make baby girl laugh) will go to great lengths to get even a little smirk out of baby girl. There was no hesitation from them to toss her balloons in the air. And there was no stopping them once they saw how much fun she was having. We think they were having just as much fun as she was! The bond that these three have is priceless. Their love for each other is so pure. And they have the kindest hearts. This comes as no surprise to us though because we’ve known about how loving they are since their maternity session. If it were up to us, we could spend all day, every day with the Newtons! 

Newton Fam, thank you so much for welcoming us into your home and letting us celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday with you. It was such a treat, pun intended because of how perfect her cake smash was! We adore you three and just love watching you interact with one another. Baby girl truly is the sweetest little thing and we cannot wait to see your bond flourish as she gets older. Here’s to a full year of loving on her and being blessed by her perfect little smile. Happy 1st birthday baby girl!