The sun was beaming. Golden rays touched every inch of the tall grass and trees at the Morton Arboretum. The beauty around us was almost overwhelming. We were sunkissed and happy. It was magical. It was romantic. And we were here for every moment in between. They stood a few feet away from each other. The sun was lightly illuminating their faces as we found some shade – we’re so thankful for the sun at that moment, because both of them were smiling with such a love-filled twinkle in their eyes. We counted to three and they ran towards each other. She jumped into his arms and he embraced her as if they hadn’t seen each other in months. He spun her around as they smothered each other in sweet kisses. He set her down and they couldn’t contain their laughter. As charming as that moment was, it was also a bit silly because we told them to act out the movie scene. You know the one. They’re at the airport and it’s been what feels like forever since the couple has seen each other. They toss their bags aside and sprint towards one another in a loving embrace. And we’re just here to say that Olivia and Kevin nailed the acting, and shared such a beautifully silly moment. We’re so thankful that we were there to witness it.

Except we also maybe think it wasn’t acting! Their feelings for one another are just so strong and powerful, that the thought of not seeing each other for an extended period of time made them hold on to each other a little tighter. That’s why this moment from their engagement session stands out to us. Olivia and Kevin are so endearing. When you’re with them you feel the love they have for one another radiating off of them and you see the sparks fly. They’re not afraid to show their love and affection towards one another. Simply put, they are passionate people. Passionate about their feelings for one another. Passionate about their relationship. Passionate about their children. Passionate about what they do in life and how they can care for others. It’s so heartwarming to be around. We also love this moment because now that we know them, we know that our prompt was there, but it was really just Olivia and Kevin being themselves. These two have the ability to make each other laugh like there’s no tomorrow. They have fun together. And they love doing life together. It’s plain as day that they truly enjoy being around each other and we’re sure that even they would argue that they are better together than apart. Some might say that their love is magnetic. That they were destined to be together because of how strong their bond is. Like we mentioned earlier, it was all magical and romantic and we’re kind of at a loss for words on how to better describe it all!

Olivia and Kevin, thank you for letting us dote over you during your engagement session. We felt like we were in a real-life romance novel watching you two from the sidelines. We love your love for one another and are mesmerized by how perfect you are for each other! We cannot express our gratitude for allowing us to share the love and laughter with you as you begin the rest of your forever together! We’re so excited for November… so, let’s get you married already!