He got down on one knee. The city was whirring around them. Some people stopped in awe with smiles plastered on their faces and others hurriedly walked on by. The high winds carried the chatter around us through the air. Pure joy. Contagious laughter. So much laughter acted as background music for this beautiful moment. The waves of Lake Michigan crashed into the cement walls of North Avenue and ebbed closer to them. But, he was down on one knee. Smiling up at her. It was just the two of them. Time must have stood still as he pulled the ring box out of his pocket. Her hands instinctively covered her mouth as she gasped at the sight of the shiny ring sparkling back at her. She nodded her head with tears in her eyes and they embraced one another in a tight hug. But that wasn’t the best part of the surprise. Olivia barely had time to collect herself after saying the easiest “YES!” ever before she realized who was there. She turned around and saw her sister. The mastermind who planned every detail of this perfect moment alongside Noah. The waterworks started all over again as the girls admired the ring sitting perfectly on Olivia’s finger. Still not the best part though. Noah lightly grabbed Olivia’s shoulders, pulled her into one more sweet hug, and guided her eyes to something in the distance. And then she saw them. Beaming brighter than the sun, they proudly emerged from their hiding place behind the trees. A few of Olivia and Noah’s favorite people were walking towards them while loudly cheering. One of those people was Olivia’s college roommate who flew in for the surprise. Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes. Happy tears overcame her as the two girls embraced each other and started laughing. Noah had officially pulled off an epic surprise layered with even more surprises! 

This was such a magical moment to witness. The obvious reason being that Noah proposed of course. What’s not to love about proposals? Bearing witness to two people deciding to officially start their forever together. And capturing THE moment. Filled with so much raw emotion. An abundance of happiness. An outpouring of love. But what was even more magical about Noah and Olivia’s proposal was the significance of having their loved ones there as another layer to the surprise. Specifically Olivia’s old roommate. It shows us so much about the love that Noah and Olivia share. It shows us how deeply they care for one another. How their love knows no bounds. How through that love they will go to great lengths to make one another happy. And let us tell you that they know exactly what to do to bring out the other person’s joy. As a matter of fact, laughter is a constant factor in their relationship. Aside from the overwhelming happy tears, Olivia and Noah’s smiles never left their faces. Their relationship is playful. They make each other so undoubtedly happy just by being themselves. It’s so heartwarming to witness. Noah’s surprise also showed us that the love they share for each other extends so greatly to those in their lives. We witnessed how important their family and friends are to them. How they have such a beautiful support system in their loved ones. So beautiful that it only felt right to include them in one of the happiest moments of their lives thus far. While waiting for Olivia and Noah to arrive, we chatted with her friend. She was raving about Olivia’s sweet personality and how she has been so fortunate to have a friend like Olivia because of the simple things like Olivia’s gift giving nature. We could see how truly loved Olivia and Noah are. And honestly, it makes sense because they are both such delightful people. 

Well Olivia and Noah, we can obviously go on and on about your special moment and your love for one another, but we’ll let the gallery speak for itself. Thank you, Noah, for letting us capture this magical moment of yours. And thank you, Olivia, for pushing past the overwhelming emotions of shock and joy to spend the afternoon with us. It was such an honor and a pleasure to work with you and get to know you both. The high winds were no match for your love nor the sweet moments you shared that day! We love your love and had so much fun running around North Ave with you two, let’s do it again?! Cheers to forever and more because we know your love story is going to be one for the ages.