It was like a fairytale. A bridal fairytale that is. The beautiful gowns lined the middle of the room and made for an elegant backdrop. There was a level of such peace as each person did what they do best. Hairspray filled the air, makeup brushes helped paint images of authentic beauty, and laughter echoed through the room. That was the scene I found myself in this day. Surrounded by a wonderfully talented group of women in the wedding industry and the radiant energy of our brides-to-be. As the sun poured through the windows, casting a warm glow over the room, I couldn't help but feel a sense of joy and anticipation. Wedding Design Studio was truly the perfect setting for a day filled with beautiful moments. Especially because each of our brides for the day brought her own unique charm and personality to the session. It was an absolute delight to witness.

One bride in particular expressed her nerves about being in front of the camera because unlike the other girls, she had never modeled before. There was a tinge of uncertainty in her voice as she asked to make sure that no one was watching her. Before I could convince her otherwise, sweet Iren (Highlights by Reni) said something that warmed my heart and put our bride at ease, "Emily doesn't work with models all the time. She works with women just like you every day." In that moment of women supporting women, and women uplifting women, there was a new twinkle in our bride's eye and a little shift in her confidence. Iren was absolutely right. I don't just work with models. And as a matter of fact, it's pretty rare that I do have the opportunity to do so. I work with real people, who have real stories and are feeling all their real emotions. And that's what makes my job incredibly rewarding. I love knowing that I can make someone who has never been in front of the camera before feel as beautiful and confident as a model. I love knowing that I can lift you up and make you feel extra loved. I love knowing that I help make all of your moments feel like special ones. And I am filled to the brim with joy knowing that your joy is genuine and true to everything you are feeling in those moments. Because it's kind of cheesy but my happiness is definitely my client's happiness! If you stop and think about it, beyond the glamour, the stunning gowns, the perfect hair and makeup, there is something even more beautiful at play here... the reminder that what we as wedding vendors do, is truly special. We have the privilege of being a part of some of life's most precious moments, and that is a gift beyond measure.

Watching G and all the other brides shine in front of the camera was so rewarding. It was a testament to the power of authenticity and self-confidence. Each woman embraced her unique beauty and personality and helped bring a collaborative vision to life. And it was such a privilege to capture those moments of joy and excitement. So here's to celebrating love, beauty, and the magic of weddings. And here's a big thank you to the talented ladies who made this day possible. Perla and Reni, always a delightful day working with you and helping you bring your vision to life.

Content Day Team:

Makeup: Highlights by Reni

Makeup: Makeup by Perla

Hair: Mackenzie de Rousse

Gowns, Boutique, Florals: Wedding Design Studio

Brides: Gabby, Alesea, Mary Grace, Nicole