Picture this. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the heart of Chicago. We were in a room that was filled to the brim with joy and creativity. One may have considered it beautifully chaotic with so many moving parts coming together. But it was so dreamy. The sun began to dip below the Chicago skyline. It cast a soft glow into the charming A Darling Studio that seemed to echo the warmth ensuing around us. It was then that the magic of this day reached its pinnacle. As the excitement of the bridal session came to an end, I had an idea. Seeing all these gorgeous women take on the role of blushing brides inspired me. All three brides gathered in front of the delicately textured wall. Each look was so different and so fiercely beautiful on it's own. So to bring all three of them together was such a powerful moment. I asked them to remain serious but gentle. Because, bridal is soft and romantic, but they deserved a model-esque moment. They pulled that look off effortlessly only to burst into a fit of giggles and laughter as everyone present watched in awe. The atmosphere was electric. There was this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the experience we all shared in that moment and the entire day. And I can't stop smiling about it.

I love this moment. If I'm being honest, I love everything about that day. It was as if the studio was our blank canvas. And each woman whom took on the role of bride was a stroke of creativity that added to the magic of the day. I watched as the talented hair and makeup artists effortlessly brought their visions to life while emphasizing the natural beauty of their brides. And then each bride elegantly helped weave the entire masterpiece together in front of the camera. I know that's not the normal way one would think of a photoshoot, but that's because this wasn't just an ordinary session. It was truly a celebration of love, support, and the power of team work. It wasn't just about the artistry and creativity (but let me tell you, the level of talent that filled that space was overwhelming. So many talented and passionate women came together this day), it was about women supporting women. Businesses uplifting one another. And a collective dream to make every woman feel as beautiful and cherished as a bride. And more than that, how we all think brides should feel on their big day. That message became so evident as the day progressed. But it became as clear as day when the laughter of the trio and their audience echoed through the studio. It created a powerful display of solidarity and friendship. Of love and appreciation. Just pure happiness. And I am so incredibly thankful that I got to be a part of that magic.

Iren and Perla, thank you for putting together such a beautiful day. Your vision of beauty is truly remarkable. And your talent is unmatched. You both radiate such positivity and happiness, it's no wonder the entire studio reflected that energy too. Thank you for bringing together such a wonderful team of women. It was so inspiring to see the bonds that were formed amidst the brushes and gowns. And to hear the laughter and love that echoed louder than my camera shutter. Thank you for letting me be a part of the magic. Thank you for letting me capture these moments, especially because I love the work you both put out into the world! For those who don't know, I've had the pleasure of photographing Iren's real-life brides, Zuzanna & Mariela. And most of all, thank you for the beautiful reminder that I should always pursue making every woman feel as beautiful and cherished as she deserves. That's going to stick with me forever!

The team that helped bring it all together & showcased in these photos:

Studio: A Darling Studio

Makeup: Highlights by Reni

Hair: Glam Hair by Leema

Gowns: Wedding Design Studio

Jewelry: Diamonds on Wabash

Florals: Caprilux Flowers

Cookies: Axa Bakes Desserts

Picnic: Wanderlust Picnics

Brides: Aleks, Mirela, Pamela

Other vendors who helped create this beautiful experience:

Makeup: Makeup by Perla Lalarios

Hair: Beauty by Kris

Content Creators: Bonitos Recuerdos & Anela Hanic

Photographer who photographed the other three looks: Photos by Maxi