We were nervous we would miss our opportunity to capture the Reid Family with the fall colors because their session was towards the end of the season. We knew how important the colors were to Mom, so we all braved the cold to make sure we got those colors for her! We adored working with this family, they are so beautiful both inside and out and nailed their styling. Just look at those outfits! It is always a fun time when there are multiple kids in a family because the majority of the time there are so many different personalities, and that was the case with the Reid boys. The youngest brother had the biggest and funniest character, he definitely kept everyone laughing and on their toes throughout the whole session. His big smile was contagious. While he was the most quiet of the group, the oldest brother was very easy-going and cooperative. It was so sweet because we could easily tell how much he loves his little brothers. Oddly enough since he is already the middle child, he was the perfect mix of his two brothers. He had his moments of cracking jokes but also acted like quite the young gentleman. These three are the perfect trio, and this comes as no surprise to us because mom and dad are such fun, loving parents. We hope we get to spend more time with the Reids in the future!