The sun was slowly beginning to set behind the buildings. But not before it glistened off the Wrigley Building windows and reached us in a warm glow. Literally living up to the name golden hour. As much as we love sunsets, that’s not the view we were admiring. We were there for something even better. One hand gently supported her bump while the other rested on the small of her back. The blue floral pattern of her dress made her eyes pop. With a twinkle in her baby blues, Sejla giggled at the camera. She stood before us as radiant as the setting sun. She was glowing. Maybe that had a little bit to do with the sunshine or maybe it had a lot to do with her bundle of joy. And we’re going to go with the latter. And as if that moment wasn’t perfect enough, Andy stood beside us vocally gushing over her. We listened to him shower Sejla with the sweetest compliments and seemingly fall even more in love with her as the moments passed. Her personal hype team and walking love note all in one. We’re kinda obsessed. 

Maternity sessions are already a romantic and joyful moment to be a part of. Especially because we get to document the excitement that parents are trying to contain while they celebrate their little blessing. Just think, you love your person SO much that you want even more of them around. So you decide to bring tiny versions of you and your partner into the world. Such an amazing thing. Adding on a love story and relationship like Sejla and Andy’s is just the cherry on top of a perfect experience. And we cannot get enough of them. We love this moment from their session because it shows you how much these two love one another. They are not afraid to show their affection and have proven that they love everything about each other. Sejla and Andy share a sophisticated love but can easily goof around with one another like a couple of young kids falling in love. They effortlessly make each other smile. And anyone can see how genuinely happy they are together. We also love this moment because we realized that seeing Andy treat Sejla like a literal queen means that their baby girl will without a doubt be their little princess. Spoiler alert, Andy proudly admitted that she’s already a daddy’s girl and we don’t think his smile could have been any bigger as he said so. 

Sejla and Andy, thank you for letting us be a part of this magical time in your lives. Thank you for simply being yourselves and loving each other the way you do. You two are absolutely perfect for one another and your baby girl is so lucky to have you as her parents. If she’s anything like her Mom and Dad, she’s going to without a doubt be absolutely beautiful inside and out. Here’s to this new chapter in your lives! We hope it’s filled with an overwhelming amount of love and happiness, so many more “teehees” and giggles, and more sweet moments than your iPhone storage can handle.