The paths of Vernon Hills Arbortheater were quiet. It seemed like we were the only ones in the park that day. No complaints there though! The sun was beaming through the clouds. Almost as if it were as happy as we were to be in that moment together. We were in a small clearing surrounded by a sea of tall green grass. And there they were, cuddled close and giggling endlessly together. They were the types of giggles that turn into belly laughs. The ones where you toss your head back and your body shakes as you chuckle. Katie and Kevin just couldn’t contain their laughter. And we couldn’t help but smile watching them. Maybe it was due to the silliness of having them sit in the grass not realizing they were on a downslope or maybe because they were just so undoubtedly elated for this next chapter in their lives. Whatever the reason, we absolutely loved watching them interact and giggle like young, giddy lovers. You can’t ask for anything more than for two people to have that much fun during their session (especially when said people tell you that they are awkward in front of the camera. Which by the way, is such a lie! Look how good Katie and Kevin look!). 

Their happiness and laughter during their session is honestly the perfect depiction of their relationship and who Katie and Kevin are. Being around these two is so fun. They don’t take anything too seriously and they are both extremely witty. Not to mention funny too. They are extremely welcoming and we don’t know if we can put this into words to describe it well, but being around them brings a sense of warmth. Like yes of course because they are such a good looking couple, but more so because they have the kindest hearts. They have so much love for each other that it seems to overflow into all other relationships in their lives. We even felt it and we’re just the photographers! Seeing these two so effortlessly happy with one another is such a wonderful sight to see. And to top it all off, just wait until you see how much their love and happiness has grown since baby girl made her debut (so stay tuned for their newborn session blog post soon). 

Katie and Kevin, thank you for sharing your happiness with us. Thank you for letting loose and having so much fun during your session. It was definitely a joyful experience for us too! You two are seriously such a treat to have in front of the camera and an absolute joy to be around. We just might have to add some Katie and Kevin time to our calendars because we could use an extra smile every now and then. We adore you two and your precious baby girl. So cheers to two awesome people becoming awesome parents! This stage of life suits you so well!