It was quiet. It was serene. It was just the three of us with sand in between our toes and joy filling our hearts. As the brisk winds of mid-September swept across the beach at Lighthouse Landing in Evanston, love was in the air—literally. Taylor and Jacob were wrapped in each other's warmth. Their noses were nuzzled together and their arms were securely wrapped around one another. Jacob's free hand was resting on Taylor's cheek in an attempt to pull her closer. Her pearl earrings delicately laid on his hand as she leaned into him. They stole some sweet smooches and smiled every chance in between. It was picturesque. A moment straight out of a romance novel. But, as you all know by now, I'm a perfectionist. And I couldn't resist the urge to make one minor adjustment to this heartwarming scene. "Jacob, can you move your right shoulder a bit closer to the camera?" I prompted, without completely disrupting their tender moment. To my amusement, Jacob dutifully shifted his left shoulder. I giggled softly and playfully instructed him to move his other right shoulder. Without hesitation, Taylor and Jacob exchanged soft laughs, while glancing at me with confused smiles. It dawned on me—I had mixed up my left and right, a mistake we all found delightfully amusing.

In the grand scheme of their session, this moment was so trivial. It was a tiny mishap in a sea of beauty. There were so many sweet interactions, heartwarming conversations, and exciting moments to reminisce about. Like how they effortlessly ran through the sand like in the movies or popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate their forever or how they filled me in about their journey as new homeowners like we were old friends catching up. But this specific moment revealed the essence of Taylor and Jacob's personalities. Patient and kind. They embraced the unexpected twist with such grace and understanding. They never questioned me or my instructions (which I promise you guys, I need some direction and correction in my life sometimes. haha). And their compassion showed me the genuine joy that permeates their connection. These two have such a non-judgmental nature in which they care for others and that makes sense because they both have hearts of gold. To know Taylor and Jacob is truly a stroke of luck. But to be a recipient of their love and kindness is truly a blessing. Taylor and Jacob are two people that you want to have in your corner. Their laughter is contagious. They bring so much joy to every situation. And they are, simply put, enjoyable people to be around. That probably comes from their easygoing nature on top of all their other admirable qualities. Do you get the picture yet? These two are amazing!

Taylor and Jacob, if there's one thing that I will forever takeaway from this moment with you it's how you turn unscripted, genuine moments into beautiful memories. Your entire relationship speaks volumes about the beauty found in the simplicity of love. Because that's just it. You two love each other. Plain and simple. You love others in the same way too. I truly believe you are two souls who are perfectly entwined together and I am so incredibly thankful to be able to witness it all firsthand. So thank you for trusting me with these precious memories. Thank you for our new found friendship and for welcoming me into your love story. Thank you for laughing with me even though you should have laughed at me. And thank you for just simply being you. I cannot wait to celebrate alongside you in September. Is it too early to start counting down the days?!