Our Galentines session was coming to an end. The ladies stood hand-in-hand taking one last walk through the room. Each with a beautiful smile on her face. Balloons sprinkled the floor and the music played in the background. The sound of laughter and pure joy filled the air. It was truly such a perfect evening. It was filled with an abundance of love. But if anyone knows me, you will know that I strongly believe that no celebration is complete without indulging in a sweet treat. And this was no exception. The ladies hung around for a bit longer to enjoy some homemade macarons. I would argue that they are the perfect dessert for a day filled with love. But perhaps the sweetest moment (even sweeter than the macarons) was when the littlest ladies stole the spotlight. Each held a half-eaten macaron in one hand an a balloon in the other. They looked up at their Mom with their adorable smiles and begged to stay just a little longer. Their genuine excitement and reluctance to see the celebration end melted hearts left and right. And it reminded me why this celebration of love and family was so important.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, not just romantic love, but love in all its forms. There's something incredibly special about coming together with loved ones who share the same values and beliefs. And the heart of this celebration was the gathering of all the women in this family. These women are full of faith and simply radiate beauty inside and out. They love one another as powerfully as they do because God loved them first. Their bond is both deep and enduring. They are all incredibly welcoming and wear contagious smiles on their faces. If you sit and chat with each of them, you will learn that they are all simply delightful in their own ways. They are poised and graceful. And I am just so lucky to know them. So the genuine excitement of the young sisters wasn't just a darling request. This moment was filled with their innocence, joy, and boundless energy adding an extra dose of sweetness to an already perfect evening. It reminded me of the power of creating lasting memories with your loved ones. It was the perfect example of the simply joys of life and the beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. And I just love this reminder as much as I love this entire session. It brings me such joy to know that the session was as fun as it was for them. It fills my heart knowing that I helped make it special. And I pray that I can make every experience I am a part of as delightful as this one.

Galentines, thank you so much for letting me bring this playful celebration of love to life. Thank you for sharing your laughter with me and for being so easy to work with. Thank you for an evening filled with so much love, laughter, and cherished moments. And thank you for the beautiful reminder that Valentine's Day may come and go, but the love shared as a family will endure forever when guided by the unwavering love of the Lord. Happy Galentine's Day & Happy Valentine's Day. May you feel extra loved everyday!