It was October 24th. I'm pretty sure it was the hottest day of Fall. Like literally... it was a solid 80 degrees with the brightest sun and only a few clouds in the sky. But Fall was still in full swing. The vibrant hues of red and orange painted the trees at Gallery Park and I couldn't have been happier. But what was even better than the scenery, was the cutest moment that we weren't expecting. We found one of the most vibrant trees right off the main path of the park. This spot was both our first mistake and the biggest blessing all in one. It was a mistake because Baby Tomuta decided that he was pretty much done with taking pictures. We unknowingly gave him the prime location to run away and explore. And he did just that. He gripped a bright red leaf in one hand and waved the other back and forth in the air as he ventured onto the path. With one pant leg higher than the other, his quick little steps turned into the most adorable unsteady run. Dad followed closely behind him and then they both stopped. Little man looked around and began to wave at every person and every dog who walked past him. Each of them received a cheerful greeting from this little bundle of joy (just call him Gallery Park's Personal Welcoming Committee). And each of them returned the greeting with the biggest smiles on their faces and a giddy pep in their step. It was a magical moment to witness.

I love this moment for so many reasons. But the obvious one being that Mom, Dad, and I weren't expecting little man's lack of interest in taking photos to turn into such a blessing for everyone near us. He effortlessly spread happiness and warmth with his infectious giggle and excited waving. This is important because Baby Tomuta has no idea that he left such an impact on others that day. But he definitely reminded me of the simple joys of life. Like saying hello to someone and sharing a smile with them. His innocence and his contagious happiness are the qualities that make kids such precious treasures. Baby Tomuta truly is a tiny treasure. And let me tell you that I mean this wholeheartedly. Especially because the Tomutas have such a special place in my heart. My husband and I consider them family. And I've always felt so incredibly blessed to have them in my life as Mom and Dad are truly remarkable people. They are joyful and caring and have hearts of gold. They are easygoing and welcoming in nature, so it's no surprise that our bond formed so effortlessly over the years. Through their unwavering faith and positivity I feel like life is a lot brighter with them around. And I think this goes without saying, but little man is definitely following in their footsteps. He is truly such a tiny blessing to everyone who meets him. He's a ball of energy but so incredibly charming. And I thank my lucky stars that I've gotten to watch him grow into his newfound personality because I feel like just yesterday he was a peanut who had major FOMO during his newborn session. What can I say, I'm just one lucky, blessed gal to have these three in my life!

Tomutas, thank you as always for your friendship. And thank you that through our friendship I get to capture and cherish these precious moments alongside you. Thank you for blessing me with my birthday buddy and for letting me be a little part of his grand life. I'm truly so thankful for you three and love you guys more than I can put into words! So, I'll just leave it at that before I get too sappy and make S cry on a Tuesday morning (haha). Cheers to you and your beautiful family and all your precious moments that make life truly spectacular.