It was golden hour. The sun was glowy and warm. It was glistening off the water in the fountain as it simultaneously kissed each flower at Cantigny Garden. Spring had sprung and was showing off with hues of pinks, yellows, and reds. It was perfect. We were sun-kissed. We were happy and at peace. We watched Torey and Brad squeeze each other tighter and beam just as bright as the sun. And we could have watched these two giggle and love one another until the sun completely set, but we promised Brad that he was officially smiling for his last photo of the evening. We shared a congratulatory moment for a delightful and successful session and began walking back to our cars. We were admiring the beauty around us when Torey found the way to our hearts. She sweetly smiled and said, “Thank you so much. We absolutely trust you and your guidance, and know that these photos are going to be amazing.” We had all the heart eyes as we watched our hearts melt into big puddles on the brick pavement. That statement was EVERYTHING

There were so many sweet moments that we can reflect on between Torey and Brad. These two flew a plane to Greece and back, cuddled in a garden of tulips, and made each other laugh like we’d never seen before. They are seriously perfect for each other. From the way they know one another inside out to being able to lovingly tease each other. Torey and Brad are truly a match made in heaven and their love for one another is as clear as day. But Torey’s statement is one that we will hold close to our hearts forever. We truly are beyond blessed to be able to share these intimate, special moments with such amazing people. And to have someone open up and tell us what Torey did makes our job even better than we could have imagined (which says a lot, because we arguably think we have one of the best jobs there is!). Beyond our thankfulness, this moment is the epitome of Torey and Brad. They are loving. They are caring and kind. They have the biggest hearts and you feel their gracious natures when you’re around them. Being with them felt so natural. Like we were catching up with old friends and we just happened to have our cameras at hand. These two are SO incredibly easygoing and carefree. It’s like their glasses are always half full because they radiate positivity and happiness. It’s honestly hard to do anything but smile when you’re around them.

Torey and Brad, for two people who claimed that they are awkward in front of the camera, it’s safe to say that you both were wrong! You are perfect. Perfect together and perfectly you! We hope you know we’re slightly obsessed with you and all the moments we captured during your session. Thank you for your unwavering trust in us. We adore you two and cannot wait to see what memories we create as you two begin your forever together. September can’t come soon enough!