We paused for a moment. A big cloud of dirt drifted through the air as it got caught in the wind. There was a brief second of stillness surrounding us. It was peaceful. It was serene. The sun peeked back through the haziness to say hello and we continued. We were standing in the middle of Red Coat Farm. To the left of us was the training ring where other riders were hard at work, hence the cloud of dirt. To the right of us were the pastures where a few sweet horses roamed freely as they grazed and nibbled on the grass. Vici loosely held onto Coco's reins. They were walking to and fro, stopping occasionally to smile for the camera. Like her friends, Coco was grazing on the plants at her hooves. Vici got low to the ground and leaned in to give Coco some love. As she tried to kiss Coco on the nose, Coco lifted her head and neighed as she fluttered her lips right in Vici’s face. Vici fell back on her heels and couldn’t contain her laughter. Coco went back to grazing as if nothing happened and welcomed a kiss from Vici once the giggles subsided. It was such a sweet moment between the duo. And honestly, the timing of it all couldn’t have been more perfect if we tried. 

You know that we are hopeless romantics. And you know that we LOVE love and adore telling love stories. But we have to say that there is something extra special about the love shared between Vici and Coco. Just a girl and her pony. They are incredibly comfortable with each other. Vici is so nurturing and calm when handling and caring for Coco. She leads and rides her with such poise and in return Coco obeys and trusts Vici. That’s such a beautiful part of their bond because Coco had a rough go of things when Vici first met her. Coco was labeled as unfriendly and aggressive. We never would have guessed that during our session because Coco even welcomed some pets and treats from us! Which is why we think that the moment we described is so sweet. Coco is comfortable around Vici. So much so that she can let her quirky personality shine. Coco didn’t neigh or flutter her lips out of annoyance or discomfort because Vici was showering her in love the whole session without any issues. It was as if she was trying to kiss Vici first. It was comical. It was candid. It was just what Vici needed to let loose and have some fun. We took it as Coco being comfortable enough to be a little silly and put on a show for the camera. And that’s just what this session was. It was fun and energetic. Lighthearted and playful. It was the pure and candid depiction of the love that a girl has for her pony and how said pony loves her right back. The best of friends and an even better team.

Vici, thank you for letting us capture these fun portraits of you two. Emily has loved watching you grow into the intelligent, sweet young lady that you are and she is so proud of all you are accomplishing. Your caring nature does not go unnoticed and the compelling love you have for all of the animals in your life is such a beautiful thing to witness. Our hearts are set on you being a veterinarian when you are older. It’s only fitting. Coco is so lucky to have you! And we cannot wait to see what great things you do in the world of Equestrian. Like we said, just a gal and her pony ready for their next adventure!