We counted to three. “Ready? One. Two. Three!” She effortlessly threw the skirt of her white graduation gown in the air. It was honestly the perfect material for a magical moment like this. With one hand on her hip and the other floating down to her side, her pleated dress flew beside her in the most beautiful display. It fanned out like a fully blossomed flower before elegantly billowing back down to its starting point. She tossed her skirt a few more times while keeping a soft smile on her face. She gently touched her black stole every once in a while as a reminder of how proud she was to be wearing it. And that’s when we heard the gasp of admiration. Her best friend and biggest cheerleader, Allison, couldn’t contain her excitement. She beamed as she told Anna how beautiful she looked and how perfect those photos were going to be. It was such a sweet moment between the two of them and our hearts are so happy to have witnessed it!

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. We just adore our seniors and grads. For starters, they are always SO beautiful inside and out. Their beauty is so natural making them gracefully photogenic. Like come on, do you see Anna? She is absolutely gorgeous with a sweet personality to match! She has a level of confidence so fierce that it may just be her best accessory. And we are here for that energy because why shouldn’t she be confident?! She just earned her degree, will start a new job in a different country, and absolutely knocked her grad photos out of the park. Triple threat or what? We also adore our seniors and grads because we always get to witness the beautiful bond between them and their friends. And Anna and Allison are the prime example of this. They root for each other 100%. They support and care for one another. And they are so excited for one another. Being a part of these moments is a delightful reminder of how important one’s academic career years are. College, especially, is such a crucial time for young adults. Simply because it’s the first moments spent as an adult (literally). It’s the time when they get to find themselves and decide who they are going to be or what they are going to do. And it’s the time when they will likely find lasting friendships and relationships. How absolutely beautiful and stressful is that to think about?! All we know is that Anna definitely found herself and her tribe at Northwestern. She is intelligent, well-spoken, and has such a big heart for everyone around her. Safe to assume that her time there has been some of the best years of her life thus far! 

Anna, thank you for letting us celebrate you and your achievements. You are such a joy to be around and work with. We loved seeing you confidently switch between poses and be completely comfortable during your session alongside your personal hype gal. You have such a bright, happy outlook on life, it’s quite contagious! We’re screaming congrats to you one last time and cannot wait to see all that you accomplish moving forward.