Picture this. All eyes were on them. No one made a sound. Their hands were trembling as they gripped their papers. They were expressing their love to one another. The tears started flowing but their smiles remained. It was a wonderful summer day that Andrea and Dave were spending with their two kids and their closest friends and family. Their attire of choice was her wedding dress and his suit that surprise… they wore exactly TEN years ago. All this because they renewed their vows at the Lehmann Mansion where they first promised them to each other. What an intimate moment! An added touch was that their boys were able to walk their rings to them this time around. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. 

Love is amazing and when nurtured in a blossoming relationship, it is truly all you need. This is what we took away from this beautiful experience with Andrea and Dave. Ten years, two kids, and a whole lot of countries later,  their love is still so strong. Their love is sentimental and simplistic. When they first said “I Do” things didn’t go as planned and Andrea got sick from the heat. So this time, they broke their renewal down to what truly matters to them: each other and their loved ones. They share a beautiful story and a beautiful life together filled with endless laughter. 

Andrea and Dave, your story is inspiring. Watching your love for one another and for your boys makes us excited for our own futures. Your countless adventures are thrilling and we hope you always keep exploring. We cannot thank you enough for asking us to be a part of this milestone. It was our first vow renewal and definitely won’t be our last. Cheers to ten years and more to come!