There she was. Standing in front of her favorite spot on Loyola University’s Campus. The famous, ornate green doors resting in a sea of tan buildings. Truly such a photo-worthy backdrop. She was proudly showing off her burgundy cap and bronze tassel like she was holding a gift. She was beaming. She was excited. She was dolled up and looked absolutely stunning. She glanced off to the side and started giggling. And her giggle turned into the sweetest laugh. It was one of those laughs where her nose scrunched up, she closed her eyes, and threw her head back ever so slightly. A contagious laugh, might we add. There stood her two best friends hyping her up for the moment, laughing alongside her. Her moment. Ellie was FINALLY celebrating her biggest achievement yet. Graduation. And she chose to do so with the two people who made her time in school so memorable. It was all picture perfect.

There is truly nothing better than celebrating life’s blessings and biggest moments than with your loved ones. The people who bring out the best in you. The people who are proud of you. It speaks volumes to us that Ellie wanted to spend this celebration with her two best friends. We saw their bubbly, fun, and heart-warming friendship firsthand during the session. These girls have an amazing bond and we just love watching them together. They support each other and are so comfortable with one another. More than that though, we saw who Ellie is as a person. She is genuinely happy, as her smile never left her face. She is caring (she is studying to be a nurse after all!). She is so incredibly kind. She is self-less. Even though this was Ellie’s session, she wanted to make it THEIR moment because they were all graduating together. We don’t know many people who share the spotlight so easily, do you? Ellie found her tribe at Loyola, and she loves them hard. We know that these are friendships that are going to last a lifetime!

Ellie, we’ve said it already, but you were an absolute gem to work with. You are such a sweetheart and your easy going personality made our job a piece of cake! So thank you for making our job easy and for letting us celebrate with you! We loved watching you and the girls giggle and pose SO naturally in front of the camera. We think your love of dance helped your confidence shine through because it all came so effortlessly for you. We hope you carry that confidence into this next chapter because you have some great things coming your way! Cheers to you, Ellie!