It felt like a crisp Fall day. The blooms and vivid greens said Spring, but the weather said otherwise. It was gloomy with a chance of rain and a chill in the air. Loyola University in Chicago still managed to act as the perfect backdrop despite it all. And to our surprise, we were surrounded by this light and sense of warmth. That light was Oliwia. Her smile beamed as bright as the sun would if it wasn’t behind the clouds. Her positivity and bubbly personality infected everyone near her. And her laugh was contagious. That's the best way we can describe Oliwia, just a pure joy to be around. Laughter is definitely the best medicine, and we all needed lots of it that day to distract us from the cold. Oliwia wanted nothing more than to have fun while celebrating her achievements with her parents and her pup, Aspen. And that’s exactly what we did! 

You know how they say that actions speak louder than words? We are stuck on this moment that just brings a huge smile to our faces. Oliwia, being the bubbly, charismatic person that she is, is also unsurprisingly very caring. Decked out in her burgundy cap and gown in front of the iconic green doors (and her favorite spot on campus) Oliwia smiled at the camera and said, “Can you please take a photo of my parents together here too?”. As if to say, alright enough of me, don’t forget about them! And even more than that, she didn’t even want to be in that specific picture. On her special day, celebrating her biggest achievement yet, Oliwia made it a point to think about her parents. Maybe it was a small gesture to show them how much she loves them or how thankful she is for all they’ve done for her. We don’t know her reasoning, but we don’t have to. All we know is how much she loves them. And that just warms our hearts. They have such a precious bond, it was amazing to spend the evening with them.

Oliwia (and fam!), thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your graduation. We remember when we were in your shoes Oliwia, so it was so fun helping you celebrate! You truly are the sweetest and we adore you. Thanks for sharing your endless smiles and laughter with us. Cheers to you and your next chapter. We cannot wait to see what Grad School has in store for you!