Her red maxi dress was billowing in the wind as they held one another. Her arms gripped tightly around his neck. He stood firmly on the slippery pavement with his arms wrapped around her waist. They were supporting one another. They touched their noses together and giggled. Their embrace grew even closer with anticipation. And then it hit them! The waves finally broke and crashed into Leanne and David. With loud gasps and laughter filling the air, they welcomed the cold, wet reality of the moment. It was still October, so any Midwesterner can sympathize with how frigid Lake Michigan must have been that evening. But it was truly a sight to see for everyone who was at Grant Park! These two braved the waves with the biggest smiles on their faces and enjoyed every second of it. They even shared smooches to distract themselves from the quickening tide. But let’s backtrack a second. We hope you don’t think WE made them stand on a pier in the middle of Fall and play in the water! This was all Leanne’s idea. To say we were excited is an understatement because we will NEVER say no to a moment like this. 

Aside from her “it’s worth it for the photo” mentality, that’s what we absolutely adore about Leanne and David. They are adventurous. They like to have fun with one another. And simply being around each other is one of their favorite pastimes…even if it means dressing up just to hang out in the water. Their love is so playful and sweet. We mean, their favorite date night is playing mini golf. Tug on our heart strings a little more, why don’t you?! That’s the kind of romance that you see in the movies. They laugh like crazy when they are together and it’s so easy to tell how much they care for one another. The small gestures we described as Leanne and David were standing on the pier speak for themselves. They wanted to keep each other safe while enjoying the moment. That wouldn’t have been possible if they weren’t so effortlessly comfortable with each other. They are truly perfect together.

Leanne and David, you two are the best! Thank you for asking us to celebrate your love story with you. And thank you for being so adventurous during your session. The memories we made with you are ones that we will cherish forever! We love your happy, playful love. You two are such a joy to be around, we don’t think there was a moment when we didn’t have a smile on our faces! We’ve been impatiently waiting to get you back in front of the camera on your big day, and that day is almost here. Let the official countdown begin! We promise we won’t ask you to get in the water this time… unless you want to of course. So, let’s go get you two married already!