It was October. The leaves hadn’t quite changed just yet, but it was beautiful nonetheless. In fact, it was warm! Such a pleasant surprise for Fall. We were on the beach. YES! You read that correctly. We were on the beach in Evanston, Illinois in the middle of Fall. Nothing more exciting than that! We were coming to the end of our session with Cynthia and Rey. We asked them if there was anything else they would like to do that maybe we didn’t cover during the session. Rey, being a romantic at heart, dropped down on one knee. Now, we know what you’re thinking, OMG! A surprise proposal! As romantic as those are, this wasn’t exactly the case since these two were already engaged. Rey wanted to relive the moment that started his and Cythina’s forever together and that just puts the biggest smiles on our faces!

This moment was perfect. And it was so telling of their relationship. Cynthia and Rey are just genuinely happy people! Their smiles never leave their faces. And they make each other laugh so effortlessly. We could easily see and feel the love that they have for each other. Because in case you didn’t get the gist, they have A LOT of love for one another. We mean think about, of all the things Rey could have done in that moment, he chose to “propose” all over again just for the fun of it. That can only mean a few things, that they are so helplessly in love with one another and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Which if you ask us is an obvious point. It also means that the moment he proposed is very special to them. Maybe it signifies a big, great change in their relationship. Or they just love thinking about all the happy emotions that come along with the memory. Whatever the reason, we think they are perfect and we adore them! 

Cynthia and Rey, sorry for being so sappy. But, we had such an amazing time celebrating your engagement with you during your session. Your love is playful. Your love is romantic. And we think you two were absolutely made for one another! We know our blog post is a bit delayed and congratulations are in order after tying the knot, but thank you for letting us be a part of your love story. We wish you two lovebirds all the best!