It was chilly. But not too chilly to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Dominican University had to offer. The saturated and colorful ivy wound its way up the ornate buildings near the quad. The stone archways and wooden doors were calling our names as we watched Emily and Marty dote over one another in the very place that first brought them together. Huddled close together, stealing kisses, and making each other endlessly giggle, these two couldn’t get enough of each other. It was pretty picture perfect if you ask us. And just when we thought the evening couldn’t be any better, we asked to hear one of our favorite things. The proposal story of course! You're gonna wanna buckle in for this one, because wow it’s an adorable one! 

Let’s just say, Marty knocked his proposal to Emily out-of-the-park. So thoughtful. So sentimental. Incredibly unique to their relationship. But, before we paraphrase his romantic gesture, we just need to talk about one thing. How their faces absolutely LIT up when Marty started reminiscing about that special day. It was as if they both could relive it over and over again and never get tired. Their happiness was radiant. Their smiles were contagious. And the love we felt between them was enough to keep us warm even with the chill in the air. There’s no doubt that these two have a strong bond and an even stronger love for one another. We mean he chose their alma mater as his setting and decorated the room that they both can agree sparked their interest in one another. The newsroom! As nostalgic as their surprise visit to the newsroom was, Emily had no idea what was going on. And that makes the whole thing that much sweeter! Such a thoughtfully planned gesture and the joy they feel when retelling it all lets us know so much about who these two are. They are caring. They are observant. Their souls are kind and their hearts are big. They have so much love to offer one another. The little things mean so much to them. It’s all just so romantic. In fact, they are romantic! Their chemistry kinda leaves us speechless. Emily and Marty are more reserved, but they have no problem attacking the other with kisses. When one laughs the other beams a little brighter. They are honestly such a joy to be around and their love is so fulfilling to witness. We can only imagine just how full their hearts are knowing that they have one another.

Emily and Marty, thank you for sharing your love story with us! We loved visiting one of the most special places to you. Capturing your love for one another there made the campus so much sweeter in our eyes. Thank you for being effortlessly you. There’s no better feeling as photographers than witnessing the pure and raw love our couples share. And you two did just that! You have such a beautiful love story and an even better relationship. We cannot wait to celebrate you both in ONE week on your wedding day. It has felt like we’ve waited for this day forever, so we are so incredibly excited to be a part of it all! Cheers to you two!