It was Thanksgiving week. Chicago’s skyline looked extra beautiful. The sun was shining so bright that you would have thought it was 90º outside. But it wasn’t. Winter was in full swing. And we had Milton Lee Olive Park all to ourselves! Maybe because it was SO cold. But that didn’t stop Karen and Ralph from having a good time. They stood close together with their smiles frozen on their faces. Their constant giggles left steam in the air. Neither of them wanted to let go because they were keeping each other warm. If you stop and think about it, it was truly perfect, cold and all. We prompted them to share a kiss and they both started giggling as Ralph kissed her cheek. It was actually such a sweet moment between the two of them.

His kiss on her cheek is so important to who Karen and Ralph are as a couple. They are more reserved. They are private. These two admire one another with full hearts. They share such a gentle love. But man, do they laugh like crazy when they are together. They are playful. And they are down to act a bit silly to make the other person laugh. It’s hard not to smile when you are around them. They seem like the type of people to bring light into even the darkest situations. Which is probably why the sun was shining so bright for them on the coldest day in November. We don’t believe in coincidences! We think you get the idea though. Karen and Ralph are just joyful people with so much love for one another. You might want to consider spending some time with these two! 

Karen and Ralph, wow! Thank you so much for braving the cold and spending the afternoon with us. We cherish all the laughs and silly memories we made with you two. If we ever need a pick- me-up we look through your gallery as it instantly puts the biggest smiles on our faces! We are so excited to finally say “HAPPY WEDDING MONTH!” because it has felt like the longest wait to celebrate you two. Cheers to your big day being right around the corner. With how happy you were during your engagement session, we cannot wait to see your smiles on your big day. So…. let’s go get you two married!!