The sun was setting. As a matter of fact, it was just barely peeking through the skyline. Chicago’s skyline, by the way. A sight to see all on its own. It set the scene perfectly as the laughter continued. Germaine and Harry were admiring each other while dancing and twirling about. They were stealing kisses like nobody was watching. They embraced each other over and over again and seemed to squeeze a little tighter each time. Both of their smiles grew bigger by the second. That’s when Germaine looked at the camera with a shy smirk on her face and said, “this is just us!”. And boy, you have no idea how happy that made us (which is very happy because we already had a smile on our faces the entire session). It was a perfect moment with two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Were we in a fairytale? No, we were just witnessing the love that two people still share after ELEVEN years together. Now that’s a love story! 

Germaine’s simple statement speaks volumes. Even though we were guiding them into poses and prompts, her and Harry were just being themselves. They claimed to feel shy in front of the camera, but it seemed that together they could conquer anything. Loving on one another is easy for them. We can’t tell you how many times Harry immediately kissed her forehead or cheeks. It was such a natural gesture for him. Affection seems to be both of their love languages. It is almost as if their love for one another is effortless and definitely meant to be. They are incredibly, without a doubt, as comfortable with each other as two people can be. And more than anything, her statement shows us that they love to have fun together, even if it’s doing something as simple as dancing in the city at sunset. It is such a beautiful, happy relationship to witness. 

Germaine and Harry, you two are a dream to work with! We adore your love for one another and how well you complement each other. We’ve both been with our husbands since high school, so we love seeing how strong your relationship is after all these years. Being with someone for such a  long time is truly such a special thing. Thank you for letting us celebrate your love story with you. Thank you for sharing endless laughter with us during your session. And thank you for effortlessly being you two. We cannot wait to create more beautiful memories with you in September!