There they were. All three of them snuggled together on the couch. Mom and dad sitting side by side as they held onto that precious baby boy. With smiles plastered onto their faces, they stared down at the beautiful baby they created, examining his tiny little features. They dreamed about this exact moment for months and months. And it was finally here. HE was finally here. And then, the most amazing thing happened. That sweet baby boy looked right up at his mama and gave the biggest smile we think we’ve ever seen a newborn give. It was magical! We are pretty sure we even said “are you freaking kidding me?!” as this was happening because it was almost too good to be true. It was truly a picture perfect moment for this family of three. So much love in the room. So much love in one photo.

We seriously can’t help but smile when we think back to that memory from the Jensen’s newborn session. That baby boy is SO loved, and it was so easy to see. You could just tell by the way Mom and Dad were looking at him how happy they were to finally be parents. We, of course, already knew how excited they were for their baby boy from when we captured their maternity session. Which if you haven’t seen that beauty of a session, definitely go check that out. But all your feelings amplify when baby is born, and Mom and Dad were embracing all that happiness. We are pretty sure baby boy was just as happy to be in his mama’s arms by the look of that smile. He was in his safe space surrounded by the people that will love him the deepest. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Jensen Family, what can we say? We love getting to capture your most precious memories with you. It is such an honor to watch your family grow and see you both as the best parents to that sweet baby of yours. We know this post is very overdue because we just got to photograph you three AGAIN now that baby boy is almost ONE!! Like, what?! This year has flown by… (ps. stay tuned for those adorable photos.) We feel so blessed. Thank you for trusting us once again with your milestones. You are seriously the best!