He finally fell asleep. After two hours of willing him to close his eyes, bribing him with cuddles, and feeding him so much that we were sure he was milk drunk, sweet baby Tomuta fell asleep. It was a moment we weren’t sure he was going to let us win. But a moment we were so happy for. The little victories, right? His soft, quick breathing and the calming noises from his sound machine were like music to our ears. He was most definitely dreaming. He was so cozy. Bundled up like a baby burrito in a brown swaddle with his cute head of wispy hair covered by an almost too tiny matching hat. Sitting next to him were his cowboy boots, because if you need to know anything about the Tomutas, it’s that being a cowboy is surely baby boy’s destiny. Although we have to say, he may be a little too cute for the cowboy life just yet. He has the most pinchable chubby cheeks and some to spare. The sweetest little smile that can melt anyone’s heart. But in the same breath he has a powerful pout that basically forces you to never say no. He has his Mama’s looks, and wow she is a beauty, and his Dad’s outgoing, charming personality. It’s easy to see why we are so obsessed with this perfect little guy. 

We love looking back at the not-so-picture-perfect moments that come with sessions. It’s humbling to say the least. But it’s just so real. The Tomutas are family to Emily and her husband. So to experience the struggle followed by the tiny victory of getting baby boy to sleep was more than just part of the session. It was overcoming a tough parenting moment and being there to support them. We all learned very quickly that baby Tomuta is definitely going to have such a strong, independent personality later on in life. He knew what he wanted in those moments and sleep just wasn’t it. And you know what? We love that. Speak your mind baby boy, we’re here to listen. Always! We also know that he is going to grow up to be a man of great faith because we see that in his parents. We see their unwavering faith daily and are so inspired by them. It’s one of the many remarkable qualities about the Tomutas that drew Emily and Alex close to them. God blessed baby boy with the best parents and He equally blessed Mom and Dad with such a perfect combination of the two of them. It is seriously so beautiful to realize that and even more beautiful to watch it all unfold before our eyes. We love this family to pieces and to be a part of this new chapter of their lives from their pregnancy announcement to now, is just one of those things that makes our hearts inexplicably happy. 

Tomuta Fam, you know how we feel about you three and how you will forever have a special place in our hearts. Thank you endlessly for blessing us with the opportunities to be a part of your story. Your radiant happiness is contagious and fills us with so much joy. We cannot wait to see where life takes you as a family of three. Hopefully somewhere with mountains and lots of land with countless, sleep filled nights…Tomuta Ranch right? Here’s to your perfect little dude with big boots to fill. Dream big, cowboy!