The music was bumping and we were cruising down Lake Shore Drive with butterflies in our stomachs. We were so excited. It was time for another dreamy, golden hour engagement session in the city. Ideas and conversations were flowing and that’s when we saw it. That single drop of rain. The forecast said we could expect clear, sunny skies. So why was it storming less than an hour before our session?! Oh, Chicago.. We put on our best smiles despite how gloomy it was outside and made it to Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nature Boardwalk. And just as our beautiful couple arrived, the sun came out. The wildflowers were in full bloom. The boardwalk was quite empty because of the storm. And we were in awe of how perfect it all was.

If you ask us, there’s no coincidence in the order of events here. Melissa and Kyle can light up an entire room with their joy and love for one another. The sun was just matching their energy. Their smiles are contagious. Their smiles in all reality, never left their faces! So in other words, if you’re missing some sunshine in your life, it sounds like you haven’t gotten to spend enough time with these two. They even embraced some of our crazy ideas with lots of giggles and a determination to do so perfectly. Poor Kyle even got his workout in with how many times we asked him to pick Melissa up for a specific photo she wanted to recreate. Such sweet sweet memories we made with them.

Melissa and Kyle, we have no words. Thank you for trusting us with your precious moments of laughter and admiration for one another. Your relationship is so playful. We absolutely loved watching you two twirl in the wildflower fields, get cozy with each other in the sand, and revisit the exact spot that Kyle proposed. We will hold these moments close to our hearts as we prepare for your big day in the coming months. Lexi is especially excited since you, Melissa, and her go way back to your dancing days. There’s no greater honor than being a part of your dear friends’ most special moments. So, let’s go get you two married already! We’re ready to celebrate!