They held hands effortlessly. They were giggling and smiling as we were strolling along the paths of Historic Long Grove. Stealing glances at one another and just enjoying the moment. Her blue dress matched the cloudless sky and their happiness was as radiant as the setting sun. We were completely enamored by how perfectly Patricia and Mike fit in this new season of their lives together. Mom and Dad. Spoiler alert, they are two of the coolest parents we know! And we were in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. All of the cute little shops and storefronts were just begging to be photographed. Talk about photographer heaven! Except, we became a little overwhelmed trying to find the perfect spots for photos so we apologized that we didn’t have a better plan. We just couldn’t make up our minds! And that’s when Patricia, in all of her patient and kind-hearted glory, smiled and said, “It’s just an adventure. That’s what my mom always used to tell us.” Seriously, she’s the sweetest. That may be paraphrased just a bit but wow, we love that when thinking about situations that may not be working out exactly as expected! 

We love that statement for so many reasons! Like for starters, that these two lovebirds were celebrating first time parenthood and there Patricia was thinking about life lessons that her mom taught her. What a beautiful depiction of the circle of life. Taking what she learned from her parents and keeping it close to her throughout her pregnancy. It showed us that Patricia and Mike were SO ready for this next chapter. Parenthood came naturally to these two because of the beautiful things they learned from their parents. We’re not doing this moment justice, but it’s almost emotional thinking back to how amazing it was to witness. Even more than the parenthood aspect of this statement is the fact that we feel like it is so fitting to who Patricia and Mike are. They are so easygoing. We have never not seen a smile on their faces (except on their wedding day when they were so overwhelmed with love and joy during their first look. You should relive that moment because man was it beautiful. Patricia and Mike have such a positive outlook on life, it’s hard to not smile and be happy when you’re with them. And most of all it is obvious that these two just love having fun with each other. Life truly is an adventure for these two but in the best way possible. Their love for one another is strong and they make one another the best versions of themselves. Man, their little guy is so lucky to have these two as parents! 

Patricia and Mike, another milestone has come and gone. And we are so incredibly thankful to have been a part of it. You truly have such a special bond and we just love being around you two. Thank you for your never-ending patience, kindness, and trust in us. We hope to look at situations in life in the same light that you do because it all really is just one big adventure! Cheers to you two and your sweet little man!