We walked up the driveway and were shockingly impressed. The large white tent was very welcoming and personalized. Small bottles of wine with customized labels as favors, photos of the bride and groom together, candles, mason jars, and lots of greenery covered the tables. Everywhere we turned we found something new. A puzzle piece guest book. A rose for their loved ones in heaven. Lots of wood accents for a rustic feeling. And a dreamy ceremony backdrop adorned in more greenery. This backyard wedding turned into a fairytale right before our eyes. 

When you think about the most important part of a wedding day, what do you think of? For us, it’s the act of marrying your best friend. Promising forever to the one who has your whole heart. In reality, while a big fancy wedding is what most people think about, it’s not the only way to celebrate. Leann & David’s intimate, backyard wedding is the prime example. Their celebration was in his Dad’s backyard, but honestly, it didn’t feel like it. All the personalized details and special touches were exactly what we see at a typical wedding venue. And most importantly, their love for each other filled the entire space. You truly don’t need anything more than two crazy-in-love people. 

Leann and David, your day was simple. But, it was simply beautiful too. We admire how your love for one another and your daughter was all that mattered to you on this day. Your happiness was contagious and we felt the joy you shared as you walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. You may have looked at your day as a simple backyard wedding, but that’s what made it so beautiful to us. Celebrating your love and union was so important to you that you even flew in from out of the state to share your vows. We know you two have an amazing future together. Especially because of something that was said to us when we first met. You two met at work, went on a hike together and your “life changed forever.” By the way, this is honestly one of our favorite things that we’ve ever heard during a consult call. We smile everytime we think of it. 

Thank you both for choosing us to help you celebrate your love. We will cherish these sweet memories forever and hope the same for you!